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Classic Mint Julep Recipe Made With Chattanooga Whiskey

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You can’t think about the Kentucky Derby without having a Mint Julep so here’s the Classic Mint Julep Recipe made with Chattanooga Whiskey.  It is considered the drink of choice on the First Saturday in May.  It’s exciting to have it return to all it’s glory this year again.

classic mint julep with chattanooga whiskey my home and travels


Have you ever been to the Derby?  It’s on my bucket list to one day attend the greatest two minutes in sports and yes, wear a big, fancy hat, and drink a Mint Julep.  Seeing those twin spirals of Churchill Downs is a must site to see.


Using Chattanooga Whiskey

Kentucky is known for its Bourbon but I wanted to give my Classic Mint Julep a local twist with using Chattanooga Whiskey.

classic mint julep with chattanooga whiskey bottle my home and travels
Local Chattanooga Whiskey


Ingredients you need

classic mint julep with chattanooga whiskey my home and travels ingredients
Chattanooga Whiskey with mint leaves and Simple Syrup

2 – 3 T Chattanooga Whiskey
1 T Simple Syrup   
3-5 Fresh Mint Leaves
Crushed Ice

Muddle the mint leaves in the Mortar & Pestle.  If you don’t have one of these fun gadgets, don’t worry.  Just use the end of a wood spoon and muddle the mint leaves in the bottom of a mixing cup.

classic mint julep with chattanooga whiskey my home and travels mortar and pestle
Mortar and Pestle for crushing mint leaves


Mix it together

In a separate measuring cup, add the mint into your simple syrup and Chattanooga Whiskey and stir.  

This is a very easy recipe to double or triple so you have enough to share, or to fill a larger glass.

Of course, this is a drink to taste.  You may prefer a little extra Chattanooga Whiskey.  The color of your Whiskey can also make your drink darker.

For a Classic Mint Julep, a silver mint julep cup is a must.  If you don’t have one, don’t worry it will still taste just as good.  You might also have picked up a souvenir glass while there, or like me, at a thrift store.

Fill your cup with crushed ice, pour Whiskey mixture over ice.

Add a straw and a few additional mint leaves for garnish.  

Serve immediately.

classic mint julep with chattanooga whiskey my home and travels silver cup
Mint Julep in Silver Cup and Fascinator


Making Simple Syrup

Having simple syrup for this or many other recipes is as it says – simple.  MAKING SIMPLE SYRUP

Simple Syrup with Iced Tea and Lemon my home and travels
Simple Syrup with Iced Tea and Lemon

Now enjoy the race.  Let’s hope for another Triple Crown this year.

My ice maker doesn’t make the prettiest crushed ice so if I’m doing a lot of drinks, my favorite crushed ice is from Sonic.  It’s more like little pellets.  

Do you have your hat on?  Or the fascinator hat/headband has become popular the last few years.

If you are growing your own mint, remember it can be very invasive so plant in a separate pot.  Growing herbs.

What about a few more drink choices

Keto Friendly Mojita

Classic Mojito - Keto friendly my home and travels
Keto Friendly Mojito

White Peach Sangria


White Peach Sangria my home and travels
White Peach Sangria

Pink Lemonade Moscato

Pink Lemonade Moscato my home and travels
Pink Lemonade Moscato




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