Women’s Basketball – Exploring the Past, Present, and Future at WBHOF

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You will be exploring the past, present, and future of Women’s Basketball when you visit the Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Located at 700 Hall of Fame Drive, you know you have arrived when you see the world’s largest basketball.  It measures 30’ tall and weighs 10 tons. Parking is free at the WBHOF.

Opening in June of 1999, the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame is unique as being the only museum or Hall of Fame honoring women’s basketball and its history. 


The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Statue

As you enter the Pat Summitt Rotunda at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame you immediately see a 17-foot bronze statue with their mission statement – “honor the past, celebrate the present, and promote the future” of women’s basketball.

Berenson Sculpture in Pat Summitt Rotunda

A replica of this statue, known as The Berenson,  is presented to each new member during their induction into the Hall of Fame.

  • Honor the Past – Senda Berenson, known as the Mother of Women’s Basketball
  • Present – Teresa Edwards, a graduate of The University of Georgia.  She also earned 4 Gold Medals in the Olympics
  • Future – not named.  She is the daughter of sculptor Elizabeth MacQueen from the Birmingham, AL area

The WBHOF is always closed on Sundays.  Other days and hours can vary.  Always check their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK PAGE, or call for hours before making your trip.

Pat Summitt

You cannot visit Knoxville, the University of Tennessee Campus, or think abought college basketball, men or women, without thinking of Pat Summitt. 


Maybe I’m a bit biased living in Tennessee, but I don’t think there’s a person who did more for Women’s Basketball than she did.  From getting better locker rooms and gym facilities to games being broadcast on national tv, it would be hard to say how Women’s Basketball would be these days without her.  

You can watch videos of her in the locker room.

Locker Room Talk with Pat Summitt

This Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame probably wouldn’t exist either without her support and the continued support of her fans and past players.  

1000 Wins

Everyone will remember that stare she would give you.

Pat Summitt The Look
Pat Summitt The Look

Taken too soon by a horrendous disease, her legacy lives on.

The court at Thompson–Boling Arena at Food City Center was named for her in 2003 after her 800th win.

National Championship Trophies with Pat Summitt on The Summitt
National Championship Trophies with Pat Summitt on The Summitt


A Few Other Notes:

Did you ever the All American Redheads play?  I remember them back in the 70s and even knew someone who played for them.

The All American Red Heads


Facility is available for various rental such as weddings, birthday parties, and other private events.  Find information HERE.

You can test your own skills at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame with a timed dribbling course.

Dribbling Course

Not only is the history of players shown throughout the Hall of Fame, but you learn about the history of the sport and how it’s changed.

Early Uniforms
women-basketball-hall-of-fame-early-locker room
Early Locker Room

Even the officials are featured.

Officials Display

You can find your state champions each year.

Tennessee Girl Champions 2023
Tennessee Girl Champions 2023
1996 Olympic Team with Chattanoogan Venus Lacy

National Champions & Final Four Teams

Final Four teams including the most recent champions LSU Tigers in 2023.

women-basketball-hall-my home and travels final four team
Final Four Teams of 2023
Gary Blair Championship Ring 2011
Gary Blair Championship Ring 2011

Hall of Fame Inductees

Wondering if your favorite player or coach is a member of the Hall of Fame?

Hall of Fame Inductees

Find out if your favorite coach, player, or others associated with women’s basketball is a member HERE.

Class of 2023 Inductees
Class of 2023 Inductees

An Interesting Visit for Everyone

This is a great place to remember teams and players from the past, so everyone will love walking through this venue.  Make sure to stop when in the Knoxville area.

Other Hall of Fames to Visit

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