Visiting Kennedy Space Center

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Visiting Kennedy Space Center should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. From the first man on the moon to the Hubble Telescope, Mars rovers, and more, the Kennedy Space Center has been at, well, the center of it all. This facility is equal parts history, education, and entertainment, and it’s a must-see stop for anyone. 

Located in Merritt Island, Florida, Kennedy Space Center has been at the heart of the country’s outer space exploration since President Kennedy announced his intent to put a man on the moon. Since that time, we’ve seen all manner of technological advancements in space exploration, from space stations and the Hubble Telescope to Mars rovers and drones and even the current mission to hopefully colonize Mars.

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NASA is doing so much, and the Kennedy Space Center is the central hub for all of it. That’s why it’s such an amazing place for visitors to explore. 

Visiting Kennedy Space Center

Of course, we all know that Kennedy Space Center is rich in history. It’s been the launch site for every major space endeavor in our country’s history, and it will most certainly be the first place anyone thinks of when they think of NASA. However, many people don’t realize just how much Kennedy Space Center has to offer visitors. 

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Visiting Kennedy Space Center is a trip down NASA’s memory lane, offering an absolute ton of extraordinary information that caters to both kids and adults alike. From real vehicles to tours and events and even interactive exhibits, Kennedy Space Center makes learning about what’s out there beyond our atmosphere and how scientists study it entertaining and engaging. 

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Heroes and Legends

At Heroes and Legends, visitors learn about the men and women who made every launch, landing, and sample possible. Learn about these amazing people, visit the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, and see real rockets up close in the Rocket Garden. 

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Behind the Gates

Visitors can see the past, present, and future of NASA with exclusive access to historic launch sites and operational spaceflight facilities on the Kennedy Center Bus Tour, go behind the scenes with the Behind the Gates tour, and visit the Apollo/Saturn V Center. This is free with your admission ticket. 


See actual command centers.

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Race to the Moon

This one-of-a-kind attraction celebrates the United State’s journey to the moon with interactive exhibits and the rocket that made it possible to go from Earth to the moon. 

Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

Visitors learn about NASA’s shuttle program, get an up-close look at Space Shuttle Atlantis, and explore shuttle missions that helped pave the way for the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station. 


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About 30 years ago we saw a shuttle launch.  We happened to be in Orlando and found out about a launch early one morning.  We drove toward Cape Canaveral and stopped on the side of the road about 4 am. 

It was amazing to see the large glow in the sky and seeing history in the making.  We had pictures with a point and shoot camera but when we got them back – remember on waiting on photos to be developed – it was just  yellow ball. 

Nasa: Now and Next

At this immersive exhibit, visitors learn about the science behind the current missions to the International Space Station, along with upcoming missions to explore deep space through the Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted exhibit that gives visitors a deeper look inside the possible colonization of the Red Planet. 


Visiting Kennedy Space Center should always include watching a launch if possible. Several launches take place every year at the facility, and visitors can see them live from designated viewing areas with tickets. These launches are as awe-inspiring as you might imagine and offer an extraordinary view of space exploration in action. 

To make plans, check out the Launch Schedule.

We saw a Space-X launch from a cruise ship a couple years ago.  Even during the day, it was something to see. 

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We’ve also witnessed a couple rocket launches but they were a bit disappointing after seeing something like a Shuttle or Space-X launch.

Camps and Education

At Kennedy Space Center, it’s about more than just exhibits. The facility has a long-term commitment to education and inspiring future astronauts. The center offers education-focused camps specializing in STEM at its best as only NASA can do it. Through day trips and programs like Overnight Adventure, After Hours Adventure, Mars Base 1, and the Astronaut Training Experience, Kennedy Space Center offers a variety of ways for young minds to learn about space travel and spark their love of STEM. 

Don’t think these Space Camps and Educational opportunities are just for young ones – they are designed for kids of all ages.

A Memorial for Those Gone Too Soon

It’s toward the back of the Space Center, but make sure you find the large display of memorials.

kennedy space center memorials

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I remember this fire on January 27, 1967  because it was my birthday.  Back then, all of the space launches were shown on network TV.   These three are honored in this memorial.  

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Events like this fire, the shuttle explosion, and even the walk on the moon, were always covered.  Now you have to know it’s happening and find a channel to show it.  Or of course, online for so many.

Even when crews returned to the earth, you could watch the capsules being retrieved from the ocean.

Visiting Kennedy Space Center is a Must

If you’ll be traveling to the Merritt Island area, visiting Kennedy Space Center should be at the top of your list. From educational adventures to interactive exhibits and more, visiting Kennedy Space Center is an experience in history, education, and entertainment that the entire family can enjoy. Learn about visiting Mars, watch a rocket launch, or visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame. Those and more are waiting as this history complex. 


Love Space Exploration

Don’t forget to make a stop in Huntsville, Alabama at the Space and Rocket Center.

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