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Touring The Hotel Hershey In Hershey, Pennsylvania

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The Hotel Hershey is an incredible place full of history not only telling the story of Hershey Chocolate, but also of Milton and Catherine Hershey.  From the moment you pull up you notice the beauty and architecture of the building, the well-manicured grounds, you get a feeling it’s someplace special.  Touring The Hershey Hotel in Hershey, Pennsylvania is free to anyone, not just guests, but reservations are required. 

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Touring The Hotel Hershey In Hershey, Pennsylvania

The Lobby Has The Feel Of The Tropics

Built in 1933, many of the features, including the furniture in the Fountain Lobby is original.  It’s hard to imagine this beautiful lobby was originally the parking garage. 

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels lobby view

Don’t you  love the ceiling?

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels lobby fountain

Much of the décor was influenced by the Hershey’s travel, and especially by visiting Cuba, where Milton had a sugar cane processing plant.  He built this to cut down on the cost of the middleman for all his sugar needs. 

Throughout the hotel you find many photos of The Hotel Hershey over the years. 


touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels- original hotel drawing

Even menus from Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Wouldn’t you love a Lobster or Turkey Dinner for $3?

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels old thanksgiving menu

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels old christmas menu

Or stay at the hotel for these prices?

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels- old hotel rates

You know I had to check out the china.

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels old china

There was even a Hershey Hotel in Cuba at one time.  Because the owner of the Hershey Hotel once had a hotel in Cuba, he was inspired by the incredible Cuban-style interior design and decided to use it for this hotel. It has such a relaxed and welcoming ambiance that guests have grown to love. The unique interior design sets this hotel apart from traditional hotels.


Find The Hidden Yetis

The first thing that people usually don’t realize when they’re walking through The Hershey Hotel is that there are Yetis everywhere! So, how is that possible? Well, the incredible artist who painted the walls of the hotel, Irvin, has a reputation for adding Yetis to his artwork. You won’t find a giant stuffed one or even a large painting.  However, he finds a way to blend them in so seamlessly that it’s hard for ANYONE to spot them unless they are pointed out. Be sure to look around to see if you can find these incredible additions to the painted walls of each room throughout the Hershey Hotel.

Here’s a couple pointed out during our tour.

In the Castilian Ballroom

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels castillian ballroom

See it on the third tile from the left?

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels ballroom yeti

On a beautiful ceiling in the dining area.

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels dining area ceiling

Can you see him?

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels dining area yeti


Beautiful Landscaping and Topiaries Are Everywhere

Be on the lookout for H ‘s and a Hershey Kiss woven into the landscaping.    The first is as you drive up to the main entrance. 

You can find beautiful flowers in the shape of the letter H to set the tone for the experience. It provides such a sophisticated look for the hotel’s exterior and can easily get guests feeling more excited about a stay here.

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels H H on main entrance

Now look at the beautiful view from the Terrace right off the Castilian Ballroom.  We happened to a catch a perfect fall day for this gorgeous blue sky.

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels HH and kiss landscape

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels outdoor pool

Don’t Put Milton In The Corner

One of the signature restaurants at The Hotel Hershey is The Circular.  The design explains the name.

While traveling many times alone, Milton Hershey was often placed in a corner of a restaurant or near the kitchen.  Upon designing The Circular, he didn’t want his experiences to be those of his guests.  The curved walls would prevent those corner seats, plus the kitchen is located a floor below the restaurant. 

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels old circular restaurant

What it looks like now.

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels circular restaurant now


A Spa With Chocolate – Oh My!!!

Combining two of my loves, you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the many spa services provided at The Spa at The Hotel Hershey, or as most call it – The Chocolate Spa. 

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels spa entrance

Plus enjoy the indoor pool, and even Oasis, their own restaurant and lounge.  Enjoying the spa?  Just leave your robe on and enjoy a snack or lunch. 

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels indoor pool spa

There’s also a hair salon, an area for teens, plus special Bridal Services. 


Complete your Touring The Hotel Hershey In Hershey, Pennsylvania

Stay In The Milton Hershey Suite

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels milton hershey suite

For the ultimate stay book the 2,100 square foot Milton Hershey Suite.  Step onto the Terrace for a great view or enjoy afternoon coffee. 

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels-suite terrace

With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus extra sofas, it’s great for a larger group or family. 


A sunroom and dining area gives you a lot of entertainment space as well. 

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels-suite sun room

Several smaller suites are also available. 

Tragedy Avoided

A little-known fact is Milton Hershey had bought a ticket for the sailing of The Titanic.  An issue with his businesses kept him from boarding. 

touring-the-hotel-hershey-pennsylvania-my-home-and-travels- titanic check


Staying At The Hotel Hershey

Now that you know more about THE HOTEL HERSHEY, be sure to book your stay in advance because rooms can fill up easily with tourists or many attending a conference.  I know I can’t wait to enjoy the hotel and spa the next time I’m in the Pennsylvania area.


There are many more options for staying on The Hershey Property including a lodge and cabins.  Plus, lots of dining options. 




Some photos courtesy of The Hotel Hershey

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