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My Gallery Wall Made With Salvaged Frames

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My Gallery Wall Made With Salvaged Frames was a great way to use up part of the stack of frames from my collection.  Seems like I always find frames at yard sales and flea markets which are cheap.  I’m always looking for odd sizes or shapes and ornate designs for projects. 

white frame wall salvaged frames my home and travels pinterest image

Do you have a stack like this?  Get them out and give them a new home.

white frame wall salvaged frames my home and travels stack of frames to be used

Why I Love My Gallery Wall Made With Salvaged Frames

white frame wall salvaged frames my home and travels finished wall of frames

It fills up a large wall

Makes a great focal point

Adds architectural details to a room

It’s easy

It can be done fairly cheap, but might take a bit to collect enough for a large wall

Some think empty frames are a passing trend, but I still love them


I had actually been collecting (or maybe hoarding) frames for a while for another project, but that big wall was calling my name.  Note – this was in our former home but thinking it might get a new life in our apartment.


I didn’t worry about the color or wood it was made from, knowing they would all end up white.


Here’s some easy steps to begin:

Go through all the frames and choose your favorites.  Remember to pick different shapes, sizes, and textures.

Measure the area of the wall you want to cover with the frames.

Tape off an area on the floor with painter’s tape to match those measurements.

Start laying out a design beginning with a few of your larger frames. I found it easier to place these in the middle and working my way out.

white frame wall salvaged frames my home and travels layout on floor

It was then just adding your frames to fill in the spaces.

After a good layout, take a picture. 

Walk away and come back and look at it a couple times to see if you want to make any adjustments.   

Remember make sure you take a picture. 

NOTE:  After I had planned a layout and painted all my frames, I found the round frame which I wanted to include so it was painted then added to the wall.


How to hang your frames

Tape the wall with the same dimensions of your trial layout. 

You can measure (roughly) where a few of the pieces will be placed to make it easier but I wasn’t going for the exact measurements.  Eyeball it.

After all the frames are painted, hang them as you would a normal picture.  I used a combination of small hooks, small nails and Command Strips. 

None of these frames were heavy and didn’t require an anchor.

You know projects are constantly changing like adding the round frame. 

The large oval needed something inside of it and after trying multiple frames, none seemed to work.

Light bulb moment – a large “P” might work. I already had it, it fit, and I liked the contrast with all the white. 

white frame wall salvaged frames my home and travels try out on wall


Choosing the paint

All was white – but not the same type or sheen.  This is a great way to use up that little bit of house paint, wall paint, craft paint, or chalk paint. 

When I’m painting a dark object going to light, I will do a primer coat of either a normal primer or even just a lighter color. 

Example would be from going from darker wood or color, have a coat of gray paint, then to white.  You will find it covers so much better and smoother.


Extra notes for a gallery wall of salvaged frames:

Oval and rectangular frames can be placed horizontally or vertically.

I waited until after the layout was done to paint frames.

Although I was working in a rectangular area, I wasn’t worried about it be symmetrical.

A round frame had been found after project started, and knew I wanted to add it.

Paint inner edges of frames as these may show also.

If you have an odd-sized frame which doesn’t want to hang straight, use a Command Strip to hold it in place.

Have you ever made a gallery wall or used blank frames?  If not, give it a try.


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  1. That is such a cool idea. I LOVE how it turned out. I have tons of old frames in my basement, so I kind of want to make a wall like this in my house now 🙂

  2. This is a great way to fill up a wall above a sofa. I have a vertical painting over my sofa and I feel like I need more – it’s kinda bare. I’m thinking of moving the painting and doing something like this. I love it and I don’t pay much attention to trends. You did an awesome job. I’m going to start looking for some frames at thrift stores. Love this!!

  3. This is brilliant! I have a bunch of quite lovely frames under the guest room bed and a family room wall that needs some brightening up! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is such a cute idea. I have always wanted a gallery wall in my home but it seems we don’t have a big enough blank wall area to do one. Maybe a small wall in the kitchen? I like the idea of just hanging a bunch of random shaped frames but keeping them all one color. It looks great!

  5. No that is something I would love to do. Our walls are pretty bare and we have been trying to think of creative ways to put up pictures. This would be a fun way to do that and it would look really nice.

  6. I LOVE THIS!!!! I’ve got an empty wall — and a whole lot of empty frames. I think I’ll paint them in a pale gray instead of white. Your tips make it seem so easy! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. This is something I call a creative bent of mind. I have many such wooden frames and I’m sure they too will look stunning on the wall, like the way your’s was:)

  8. I know the perfect spot to do a wall like this in my house. I love how much the white frames stand out.

  9. I’ve got lots of empty frames and this is a cool idea how to make use of all my frames! Thanks for this wonderful post!

  10. Fantastic idea to make use of old picture frames. I think I will have to redo my accent wall after reading this post. I would also like all my picture frames in one color only.

  11. I have a wall like this in my house. My frames are just gold and black. I always get so many compliments on it!

  12. Vintage frames are a beautiful way to add personality to any home or space. I love how you used so many shapes and sizes. Beautiful look, Rosemary!

  13. I love how visually interesting this is! Also loved the steps you outlined to get the gallery wall installed. Thank you!

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