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$25 Spring Cleaning Challenge

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I was asked to do a post about Spring Cleaning which to me begins with a little organizing and decluttering.  What could I get done in just a few days with what I had on hand and only $25?  A lot, starting in my kitchen.  #SpringFever


One of the worst places in my house (and can’t believe I’m actually posting a picture) is my junk drawer in my kitchen.  No wonder I couldn’t find a post it note or pen at my desk, they were all in that drawer.  Do you have a better name for a junk drawer?  Actually most of the stuff in it isn’t junk, it just doesn’t belong in a kitchen drawer.  Everything else did find the proper home, plus very little trash.  Take all of your items out and sort into categories.  You may have to play around with the placement of your baskets to get the best use of your drawer space.

Cost – $4 for baskets Dollar Tree.

Drawer Collage


I needed a place to keep up with a grocery list where everyonone could add to it.  I decided to paint the inside of one of my cabinets with Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint.  After taping it off, I gave it 2 coats with my Purdy angle brush, but then finished it off with a Whizz Foam Roller for a smoother finish.  To cut down on dust, I love using a chalk writing pen.  042044029

Now maybe the next time the last of the peanut butter is used, I will know about it.

Cost – $0 – all products on hand



I had seen lots of ways of hanging measuring spoons and cups and thought I would hang from another cabinet door.  This makes it handy to find the right size when needed, plus it cleared up just a little more storage space.  I used 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips.  These have become one of my favorite products to use.

Measure where your racks need to hang, watching how your door closes.  If you don’t have a hanging rack, make your own.  Use a small piece thin piece of scrap wood.  Use small nails spacing them as needed.  You could then hang this rack on the door using the Picture Hanging Strips too.  No nails in the door required.


Cost – $0 – all products on hand



Who has a stack like this?  Do you spend extra time looking for the right size lid?  No more for me.


Although I don’t save most butter or sour cream containers to reuse for food, I do keep them for paint and other projects.  They just aren’t supposed to make it into the cabinet but they seem to love it in there.  I decided to buy a whole new set of Rubbermaid Take-Alongs in a couple of sizes.  The small Ziploc were saved since these lids are a different color and no where near the same size.

I even had room to store my favorite to-go coffee cups and lids.


Did you notice the bright green shelf paper to add a burst of color for spring?

Cost – $8 total – Containers $7  Wal-Mart, Shelf Paper $1 Dollar Tree

These are just a few ideas that is simple and cheap to do but makes a world of difference in your daily grind.  Sometimes it just making yourself do it.

Now what can you do with $25 or less and a little time?


Making your own cleaners has become one of “THE” things to do.  Some do it for a natural, non chemical, and others just to cut down the cost of cleaners that literally go down the drain.  One of the most popular shower cleaners you find in searching is a simple solution of equal amounts of Dawn dishwashing liquid and white vinegar.  Be warned there is that smell to vinegar, and especially when heated.

Here’s how I made mine.


Heat 1 cup white vinegar until boiling then mix it with 1 cup blue Dawn in a glass mixing bowl.*  Mix well.  Let cool for about 10 minutes, then using a funnel, pour this mixture into your squirt bottle.  Label the bottle.  Before each use, shake well as this formula can sometimes gel when cool.


Spray your tub and shower area well, and let set for a couple of hours.  If there’s not a soap scum build- up, you should be able to rinse away.  If there are hard water or soap scum spots, a brush or sponge should do the trick to get these off.

Use caution as the floor of your tub or shower could be a bit slick if not rinsed well.

*I mixed mine in a bowl to allow it to cool because I had read on other sites that if using a cheaper squirt bottle, the hot liquid could melt the bottle.

Why heat the vinegar?  This will help to break down the detergent better.   I’ve never tried using cold vinegar so I can’t say if this would work as well or not.

I couldn’t find regular Dawn, so some have reported the Ultra concentrated can produce more suds.  This isn’t considered a natural cleaner as there are chemicals in Dawn.

Cost $2.50 total – $1.50 Dawn & $1 for bottle Dollar Tree


As warm weather teases us, one of the first things you think of is spring flowers.  Some are even starting to peep out.  I saw some forsythia beginning to bloom.

If you didn’t clean your old flower pots when you put them up for the winter, (GUILTY), get them out and give them a good cleaning.  For those dingy plastic ones, give them a coat of spray paint.  The best I have found is Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X which bonds to plastic.  I do have a large pot in my yard which has held up with it’s color for 3 years.  There are so many variety of colors available, it’s easy to coordinate your paint choice color with you decor.


Cost $0 – all was on hand

So, doing all of these projects with items I had on hand and only $14.50, Challenge – complete.


Sharing is caring!

I’ve included affiliate links to Amazon for you to find some products easier.  I may receive a small commission, but the price is the same for you.  It just helps my blog out.

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