Share A Snowy Gift With The Neighbors

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Share A Snowy Gift With The Neighbors as many are seeing snow in a very unusual way.  As many of us are having winter weather, some so much worse than others, here’s a quick little project you can do for your neighbors.  This was originally posted a few years ago in our former home.

Our former home. I miss my porch.  

Walk around your neighborhood and take pictures of different homes.  Then Share A Snowy Gift With The Neighbors


Interesting mailboxes and bird feeders.  Even caught a red bird – lucky me.

Do houses at different angles.


We lived on one of the good hills in the neighborhood so this is seen too.

Love landscape pictures too.

Then don’t forget about your favorite guys.

What’s your favorite activities during snow?  Do you like to get wet and cold?  Build a snowman?  A snowball fight?  

What about making snow cream?  My son’s favorite – sorry no recipe.

Or like me, stay inside where it’s warm?

Share A Snowy Gift With The Neighbors

After you print these off, just drop off to the neighbors (not supposed to put in mailbox).  It’s surprising how many don’t have pictures of their own homes in the snow.  

Some neighborhoods even have their own website – post them there also.  

Now the next time you have some snow or ice, go out carefully and snap some pictures.  I’m sure your neighbors will appreciate it.

Maybe while you are inside, you want to use your crockpot so check out these recipes.  Or lots of hot chocolate.



Sharing is caring!

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  1. Where can I find essential oils like lavender etc. to use in sugar scrubs. I know that I can get lemon and vanilla in grocery stores. Also does grape seed oil smell like grapes in the scrubs. If you used it in a vanilla and honey scrub, would it make it smell like grape, vanilla and honey? Thanks

    1. There are many individuals who sell it, Young Living, is one brand. If you have a Massage Envy or other spas, they should have it too. Let me know how they turn out. I love my scrubs. I use mainly flavored grapeseed oils. If it’s plain, shouldn’t have an scent when combined with vanilla and honey. If you use coconut oil, it’s a little stronger. Good luck.

      1. Earth Fare sells essential oils, you could check health food/vitamin stores, and Amazon has everything! You may have a Facebook friend who sells the oils or knows someone who does. Post the question and you may be able to help out a friend and also get some more ideas.

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