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How To DIY Decoupage Chinoiserie Easter Eggs

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When you learn How To DIY Decoupage Chinoiserie Easter Eggs, you will be adding this motif to many more items.  It’s easy to add custom colors to your Spring and Easter Decor with a little decoupage.   Chinoiserie is the imitation of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art, especially in the 18th century. It’s easy now to do this with decoupage.  


I’ve done decoupage for many years on so many projects, such as these REVERSIBLE SPRING – EASTER BLOCKS . With changing from black and white to blue and white in my home’s decor, this was an easy way to add a little more blue and white.

Why decoupage items?

A lot of reasons – it’s pretty easy, great for beginner crafters, supplies are budget friendly, make holiday items, and many times – use what you have.

How To DIY Chinoiserie Easter Eggs

Maybe you have a lot of plastic eggs from previous years you are using, or you can pick these up at places like Dollar Tree. But, I found these white ones at Hobby Lobby. Only $1.49 for a dozen, less the 40% sale, so they were what I would call cheap.


If you are using colored eggs for this blue and white treatment, give them a quick coat of white spray paint before you begin to decoupage.

Napkins are my favorite to use

Napkins are one of the easiest items to use for decoupage. Paper and fabric can also be used. The thinner the product, the better.


There are so many choices in colors and holiday motifs, your options are wide open.

Supplies you need:

Napkins, paper or fabric
Mod Podge
Small paint brush


A few hints:

Mod Podge is my usual decoupage medium, Satin finish is my favorite
A small, stiff brush works well
Use a baking rack for drying
Work in small steps, drying between each
The small plastic eggs are a bit slippery to hold
Thin layers of Mod Podge are best
This dries pretty quick

Let’s get started:

Separate the napkins, removing all layers

Tear these into small pieces

Set up your rack for drying
Brush Mod Podge medium on about 1/3 of the egg in a thin layer
Place a napkin piece over this area
Brush another thin coat of Mod Podge over the napkin
Set aside and let dry

After that area is dry, repeat the process until the full egg is covered
When whole egg fully dried (I usually wait til the next day) apply a thin coat over entire egg, working in steps again
This will seal the egg well and prevent any moisture so you can store from year to year
Allow to dry fully again (maybe 24 hours) before using

Now decorate with your eggs

You can place these around as you would any Easter Egg. I love the look of the blue and white against green moss or a nest.

Other ideas:
Fill a basket
Fill a vase
Place on pedestals
Place around faux flowers


Didn’t you think decoupage chinoiserie Easter eggs was a fun project?

Enjoy these other Easter Ideas




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  1. I love decoupage and have made eggs similar to this every year to match my decor. It is the best way to make eggs that are not going to rot. Happy travels.

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