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How To DIY Autumn Wreaths For Your Home

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Are you looking for some DIY Autumn Wreaths for your home that are simple and easy to make? Here are 14 homemade wreaths that can easily update the entire look of your porch or front door!  Whether you go full of color and pumpkins, or tend toward a more neutral palette, you will find the perfect one for you.  Many are great to hang now until you get ready to change out for Christmas.  

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Does the front door wreath have to match all your decor?

I say no.  In our apartment, the “front door” is in the breezeway and black.  See my updated simple wreath below.  I don’t use a lot of the traditional colors in my home, but the bright colors of fall looks great on the black.

Our patio door is seen from one of the parking lots and it needs a lot of color to show up.  I made a neutral wreath a few years ago and absolutely loved it but after looking at it a few days, it just didn’t show up.  So again, some bright colors were added.  

Remember your entry can set the mood for your home to welcome your guests.


Now that fall is approaching, it’s time to break out the wreaths. And if you don’t have any wreaths that you can hang, you can easily take matters into your own hands and create your own to match your decor. The great part about making your own wreaths is that you have complete control over the outcome and how it looks.

And let’s be honest. If you were to buy a wreath from the store or from someone else who makes them, it would cost you at least $40 or more! Why spend that kind of money when you can make it yourself for so much less?! 

A little coastal inspiration.


Get ready to wow everyone with your crafting abilities by making these DIY autumn wreaths. 

14 DIY Autumn Wreaths


The great part about these homemade wreaths is that they’re all so different and fun. And who says you can’t have more than one wreath hanging on the doors in your home? Think too, maybe the exact color doesn’t work for you, but you have a good idea to begin.

You may remember the paper leaf pumpkin and more no carve pumpkins I shared from friends from previous posts, here’s a wreath to match.  Don’t you love the subtle colors?  


Burlap Tulle Wreath by Little Mama Jama


Simple Rustic Fall Wreath by Arts and Crackers

Copycat Mickey Mouse Wreath by Cutefetti


Apple Cider Fall Wreath by Arts and Crackers

Burlap Floral Wreath by Sustain My Craft Habit

Floral Fall Hop Wreath by Simply Designing

Fall Rope Wreath by 5 Minutes for Mom

Coastal Fall Wreath by H2Bungalo

Fall Sunburst Wreath by Houseologie

Chalkboard Fall Wreath by Twelve on Main

Dollar Store Lighted Fall Wreath by Dear Creatives


Burlap Monogram Wreath by Stone Gabel

Paper Leaf Wreath  by Polka Dot Chair

Fabric Flower Fall Wreath by Hearth and Vine

Start by picking out your favorite from the list and give it a go! Anytime you can create a craft homemade, it’s always a good idea! 

Remake one you have



Don’t forget to share your results with all of us as well online! I love to see DIY projects once they’re completed. 


Do you have a favorite DIY autumn wreath from the choice above? 

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A little more fall inspiration.




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