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Updating A Simple Fall Wreath

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Updating A Simple Fall Wreath can be an easy and inexpensive way for a quick change around the house, specifically your front door.  Add a few floral picks, change the bow, and you are done.  Really, it’s that simple.

Updating A Simple Fall Wreath finished pic

This wreath hangs in the breezeway and doesn’t get any direct sunlight so hot glue works on this. Because of the breeze, everything does need to be attached by wiring or hot glue.  

Have you ever tried to glue something together and hang it in the hot sunshine? It usually won’t last long.

My Before Wreath:

This was a plain grapevine wreath which I added a few items from Dollar Tree and a black and white bow which had been saved from a package. Easy to do and loved the black and white. I also had a black and white checked rug.

But time for a change. Urns were painted and in the process of new contents – you will see them later.

After a quick trip to Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby, I found a few new things to transform my fall wreath.

The bow and Welcome was coming off.

These were added:

I tried the corn picks and loved them and thought I wanted a bow again, but with the ribbon I got and my bow making abilities being lacking, the scarecrow looked cuter.

After figuring out where the placement was, I hot glued everything on with one of my favorite tools, Ryobi Glue Gun.  Find the link before for the glue gun only.

Caution when using small decorations. Glue is hot. No burns this time but just be careful.

Off to the door it went. Easy Peasy and about 10 minutes.


It needed a bit more, so I added the leaves I had also purchased.

I love the fuller look.

Updating a wreath like this is easy for any holiday or season.

Start with a base

Take away what you want to change

Add new items.

There you go – an updated wreath in no time.

With the Scarecrow from Dollar Tree and leaves and corn from Hobby Lobby (40% off), I spent about $8 for a brand new wreath.

I love using the brighter colors too against the black door.

**My door isn’t dirty, it’s still scratched from the tornado

Now go dig out some of your older decor and get it updated.


If you are trying to remove items previously glued with hot glue, there’s a couple of simple ways.

1 – heat the area slightly with a hair dryer until you can pull it apart

2 – snip the old glue with scissors until you can pull it apart

Always make a Pinterest board too.


Ryobi R18GLU-0 Hot Glue Gun...Shop on Amazon
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