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Loving Copper Pumpkins For The Fall

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Have you been noticing all the metals being used again in fall decor? I’m loving all things copper, and especially loving copper pumpkins for the fall.   Just with a little paint, any pumpkin can add that copper color.  I purchased some vintage Amber glassware a few years ago so this is perfect to go with copper.

You used to think of fall decor and you thought bright orange pumpkins.

Do you follow me on Pinterest?  It’s a great way to have these projects for inspiration later.

No more.  As the saying goes, we’ve come a long way baby.  

There are many sizes and colors available to buy at your local pumpkin patch or produce stand, but also there are so many faux pumpkins on the market.  The faux pumpkins have really become popular in the non-traditional colors as well.

You will be seeing lots of shades of copper in my home this year for fall.

Please note – always use the type of paint for the surface you are painting. And as always, follow directions for painting and drying.

Copper Sample Board


Something I like to do if I’m playing around with colors and different types of paint, is to create a sample board.

This board was painted with FolkArt Cinnamon Home Decor Chalk Paint, then taped off and finished sections with Home Decor Wax, Folk Art Extreme Glitter, Folk Art Brushed Metals, and Classic Gold Liquid Leaf.  This is a great way to try your colors and finishes for any project you are doing.

Loving Copper Pumpkins For The Fall

Copper Gourds

These came from a basket of things at a yard sale, but can be found at any craft store or Dollar Tree.

To achieve a couple different looks, both were given two coats of FolkArt Cinnamon Home Decor Chalk Paint. 


Although they started off in different colors, by giving them two light coats, they come out with a uniform look.


Extreme Glitter – Two coats was added, allowing to dry between each. I didn’t get quite the overall glitter look I was expecting from the paint, but it does have a glittery effect. It doesn’t rub off as using regular glitter tends to do so that’s a plus.

Brushed Copper – I’m loving this paint. After two coats coats was added, allowing to dry between each, I knew this was becoming my new favorite paint. You will see a total different look on a pumpkin below.


Brushed Copper Pumpkin

As I said, this is becoming my favorite paint at this time and I’m LOVING how this pumpkin turned out with brushed metal in copper.

By painting over the light faux pumpkin with just two light coats, it produced a more true copper color than above going over Cinnamon Chalk   paint.  If you start to paint anything and the original color is either a lot darker or brighter than the finish you are going for, consider a coat or primer or gray paint.



I’m debating on painting the stem, or replacing it with wood. What do you think?

All Over Glitter

This was done a couple years ago when I was doing shades of golds, it’s one of the $1 pumpkins from Dollar Tree.



I don’t have the exact shade of glitter, but I think it was an ultra-fine by Martha Stewart. It was attached using a heavy coat of Mod Podge.


As I noted above, the glitter can come off slightly when rubbed, but could always be sprayed with a sealer to prevent this. 

Always using the right tools will give your project better results.  Don’t use cheap paint brushes and expect great results.  If painting around the stem, a small angled brush gets into the grooves well.  A larger, flat brush can give more coverage with each stroke.


Now do you want to use some copper?

If you look at Plaid Online, you will find additional projects and ideas on how to use all of these paints.

Here’s a link to “No Plain Pumpkins” for a few more paint ideas, and it includes a link to an older TV segment.  



Sharing is caring!

I’ve included affiliate links to Amazon for you to find some products easier.  I may receive a small commission, but the price is the same for you.  It just helps my blog out.

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  1. I love these colors! The brushed copper is beautiful, and the extreme glitter is pretty cool. I love having different options as far as colors and decor. I usually don’t stick with traditional stuff, and this would make for a fun project.

  2. You have done such an amazing job on painting these pumpkins. The colors, sparkles are beautiful. The different colors is something I really enjoy.

  3. Ahhh! I love this so much! These are so super cute, and all it takes is a little paint! I can see using this copper as a base and then stenciling on the pumpkins with black paint!

  4. I was thinking I needed to paint my handles on my newly painted Navy pantry gold, but now maybe copper. I love the Metal one. Yes, I think you should change the stems to wood.

  5. Not sure if you wanted us to comment on this particular post, but since it’s the link you gave us, I thought I’d better. 🙂 LOVE the copper much better than the traditional orange !

  6. Love all the finishes. Nice change from the traditional orange. I remember one Halloween I had an over abundance of butternut squash, we carved those instead and got such great comments on them!Not what I was expecting at all ~ Who would have thought? Wish I would have thought to glitter them up…yeah, glitter runs through my veins! LOL

  7. I have always loved anything copper and metallic looking! I don’t make many projects that don’t have some type of copper and/or metallics on it. I adore how the whitish pumpkin turned out! So rich, luxurious and elegant looking! TFS!

    1. Forgot to add that the only Fall and Thanksgiving decorating I do is what our 3 grandchildren make for us! Those are the most precious decorations in the world! TFS!

  8. I love the idea of just transforming fruit like that. I really like the gold leaf effect and the sparkly effect!
    I wonder whether this can be translated onto ordinary appliances etc.

  9. Just bought my Pumpkin at Dollar Tree last night. I wanted to paint it with White Chalk Paint. But now that I saw your Brushed Metal Copper Pumpkin, I think that is the color for my Pumpkin! 🙂

    1. Aren’t those pumpkins the best for $1? I have done them over the past few years in so many colors. I’m not sure I did a brushed metal directly over the orange so you may want to try it. If not good coverage, give it a base coat of a regular acrylic paint. Let me know how it turns out.

  10. Those all came out really good. I love Fall and decorating but haven’t painted pumpkins like this before. I’ll have to try this now.

  11. I love the brushed copper metal over the orange gourd The sample board is the perfect way to compare colors and finishes Thank you for the suggestion

  12. I love the idea of using copper. It looks really nice and is a nice change from orange. We are working on our decorations right now and I can easily see doing this.

  13. Ohh, the copper is so pretty! My husband is obsessed with the Nightmare Before Christmas, so we have a ton of spooky Halloween decorations. But in November I like to make things pretty!

  14. I love all of the glitter! Copper and gold are killing it this season – they’re my favorites too! I love how these came out, I’ve been looking for some fun decor pieces like these but haven’t found any. Maybe I need to spend a day DIY-ing them! So fun!

  15. What a fun idea! I love holiday crafts, and my toddler loves painting, I think I’ve just stumbled on a win-win project 😀 Thanks for the tips, they were super helpful!

  16. These gourds and pumpkins are so incredible!!! I never cease to be amazed at all the beautiful and crafty designs for Fall. Love it! Love it! Love it!

  17. Love this idea. And a cheaper alternative to store bought already decorated pumpkins. Thanks for the idea. I love decorating for fall and Halloween.

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