The Fashions Of Downton Abbey

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You still have almost a month to visit Downton Abbey: The Exhibition in West Palm Beach. I hope you read my recent post about our visit, but now I want to share a bit about the fashions of Downton Abbey.

The fashions of almost any period piece movie or show is one of my favorite parts. With the evolution of the women’s movement and rights, this was also reflected in the fashions of the show.

The creator of Downton Abbey wanted all details on the show to be as accurate as possible including all the wardrobe worn by the cast. When I think about watching Downton Abbey, my favorite outfits would be from the parties or weddings held. These were usually a bit more elaborate and more colorful.


Everyday outfits, including the servants, didn’t include a lot of color. In fact, they were actually kind of boring with all of the browns and grays seen worn by the cast. Of course with the servants, that was how it was supposed to be, not to draw attention to themselves, although at times, a bit formal.

Who doesn’t remember when Shirley McClaine as Martha Levinson arrived?

The men aren’t forgotten in fashion either.

Weddings are always a big event, even if they don’t have a happy ending. I’m guessing the big poofy ball gowns weren’t a thing during that time.

Just the details on some of these gowns are fabulous, and I’m sure all have been done by hand taking hours to do such as the beadwork.

Theses flapper dresses were the in thing at this time. Again, the detail and the beading makes me want to attend a party and wear one. Don’t you wonder what happens to all the gorgeous costumes after they are worn on a show?

So much about fashion is the undergarments but I for one am glad I never had to experience the corset. I do remember the days of girdles but I was a bit young for those too.

The accessories were never lacking for style either. Jewelry wasn’t limited to a necklace but the blinging hat pins, brooches, earrings and bracelets.

And some of those hats. I have a tea later in the spring and think one of these would be perfect.

I hope you are able to attend this Exhibition in West Palm Beach before it leaves for another city. Many are anxiously awaiting the announcement for the next stop as am I. As soon as I hear new details, I promise I will share.

Have any of you had the opportunity to visit?

Here’s more about my visit to Downton Abbey: The Exhibition.

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  1. What a great exhibit of one of my all-time favorite shows., full of lace, pleating, and beading. Oh, and those hats are my favorite. Only in England. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I saw the series and really enjoyed looking at all the sumptuous outfits the ladies wore. I would have loved to wear one of those dresses with the beading and of course some jewelry to go along. The corsets not so much.

  3. Hello Rosemary! THE perfect name for someone who loves the early-twenties era! I love how many women were given flower names… <3 What a great article and I WISH I could go over and see this exhibition. If you get to The Biltmore, I saw some of the Titanic movie dresses a year ago fall. They may still be there. 😉

    Happily shared to FB for you and all our friends and readers,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thanks Barb. I knew something was at Biltmore but couldn’t remember what. I haven’t been in years. When we were at the DA Exhibit, I did hear someone from The Biltmore had been there. That would be such a great location for this Exhibit.

  4. I love Downton Abbey and miss the weekly shows. We went to a Downton Abbey themed Valentines Ball a couple of years ago and it was so much fun! I love the dresses and a man in a tuxedo!
    🙂 gwingal

    1. That would be so much fun. Seems like some event organizers just go the easy way out and make it so casual. I would love to have an event to wear one of these dresses to.

  5. So – I think I’m one of the few people that haven’t seen the show but your fashion post makes me want to watch it. That first wedding dress is gorgeous – but I loved seeing all of these!! The styling here reminds me of a flapper-style dress I once had. It was layers of black fringe all over the dress and I loved spinning in it and making the fringe fly!

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