Exploring Downton Abbey: The Exhibition

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Are you a fan of Downton Abbey?  Did you know they recently opened Downton Abbey: The Exhibition in the Atlanta area?  I can’t wait to see it to see if it’s like the one I attended In West Palm Beach a couple years ago.  Regardless, same or new, it will be a great exhibit to see.  

Until I get to Atlanta for a tour, you can get excited about The Exhibition and also the next movie coming out Spring 2022.

This is about my visit to Downton Abbey: The Exhibition in West Palm Beach and found it to be a real treat. It’s been a very popular exhibit for fans of the show to recall some of their favorite characters and story lines. This is just one of the traveling exhibits in the last few years.

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Meeting up with family members for the Southern Florida area, Lisa & Geradro, and Pennsylvania, Linda & Jim, made this a family event and even more special.


Downton Abbey: The Exhibition Atlanta

In speaking to tour guides, approximately 98% of everything on exhibit was from the actual set with just a few items added or built to complete the exhibit.  This is what I have been told of Atlanta as well.

There was featured pictures and murals of all the characters and a little background of their roles as the total story played out. There would be articles such as jewelry from each character also.

When you see Mrs. Patmore’s toaster and mixer, you can picture her flitting around the kitchen shouting orders to make sure everything is perfect for the aristocratic family’s meal. When the mixer was introduced, they were worried it would take away some of their jobs.

I’m sure so many of the tools used in the kitchen was very cutting edge for the time.

The bell board reminds us how each room in the mansion had a way to summon a particular footman or handmaid. It was quite an elaborate intercom system for its day. Lady Violet regarded the new-fangled phone and swivel chair with disdain, lamenting that everyday involved a fight with an American.

In case you aren’t familiar with Downton Abbey, it’s the Yorkshire country estate following lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their domestic servants for six seasons.

So many real life events was worked into the shows such as the First World War, news of the Titanic sinking, and in the sixth and final year, more working class jobs and what might be the decline of the British aristocracy.

The fashions the ladies wore in this time period were rather dull. The dresses, the hats, and the coats all seemed frumpy and without style. Lady Mary was the pioneer and rebel of the family and always the first to sport a new “bob” or daring dress. Some of the evening dresses introduced a bit of color and sparkle. You will see a post soon dedicated to just the fashions.

Anna, Mary’s maid, was probably the most sympathetic character. With the most gentle personality, she had to endure many hardships—and none of them of her own doing. But she was a survivor. She was actually one of my favorite characters. Who was your favorite(s)?

Maybe the Dowager Countess?

The servants played a very big part in all of the story lines, whether it was with the family or in their own area.  

Besides all of the fashions on display, my favorite part of the exhibit was the dining room. You know my love of dishes and a pretty table. This exquisite dining room was set in the most formal setting with plenty of flowers and candles.

I’ve seen documentaries about this show on how the details such as setting a table was an exact science and followed rules from the times. Rulers were used to ensure plates, silver, and even the chairs were all exactly even and in the proper place.

This British historical period series was set in the early 20th century first aired in 2010 in the UK then in the US in 2011 and quickly became a fan favorite.

What was one of your favorite parts of this show?  The Fashions were at the top of this list.  



Attending Downton Abbey:  The Exhibition Atlanta

For more information and ticket information  THE EXHIBITION ATLANTA  website.

You can reserve your tickets with your desired time for admission. We spent about two hours which was plenty of time to explore the seven rooms. There is also an audio option available.

If you haven’t watched, or just want to refresh your memory from this exhibit, you can catch all six seasons on Amazon Prime.  

Find out about details and tickets at Downton Abbey: The Exhibition website. 


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  1. So envious that you got to tour the exibit! But, I’m VERY happy for you too! One of my all-time fave (if not my most fave) BBC series! Looking forward to the movie. My favorite character? Ugh, that is so hard! Violet always made me laugh, but Anna had such a sweet heart. I really liked Tom Branson, too.

    1. I felt I was pretty lucky that the timing worked out for us to attend. I’m really wondering where it will be moving to after April. Maybe you would get lucky and it would come to Atlanta.

  2. Rosemary,
    I enjoyed reading about the Downton Abbey exhibit. We are planning to go one day before it leaves WPB. I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten about the characters & the series. But we definitely enjoyed watching it. I need to see it again!
    I think Anna would also be one of my favorite characters. And I also liked her husband, who’s name escapes me at the moment. See why I need to watch the series again! ?
    Thanks for your post!

    1. Sometimes I didn’t watch it as close as Don did and didn’t know a few things. You can watch it on Amazon Prime so that will take care of our TV watching after basketball season is over. I you you would really enjoy it. And City Place. We just didn’t have enough time to explore that area enough. Hoping to get back down there but probably next year now.

  3. Great post, Rosemary! Reading in reverse this afternoon since I am playing catch-up… Maybe the DA exhibit will come to Dallas or Austin? That would be fun! Been so busy moving that I could use a fun day’s outing.

    Big Downton Abbey fan since my cousin Bill, who works for WGBH in Boston, first introduced me to this BBC series a few years ago! Favorite characters? Tom Branson for his perseverence, Mary and Sybil for their beautiful style, really all of them for various reasons.

    Barb 🙂

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