Knowing It’s Time To Downsize

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It’s been a very busy time for us. You may have noticed I haven’t been on the blog and social media as much the past few months – so much going on. A new name for the blog, which is still a bit under construction. Spring had us on a 15-day road trip mainly through Texas, which is our third trip there in about a year. But the biggest news is knowing it’s time to downsize.


Downsizing. You hear that word a lot. Many people use it but they don’t really know what it means. We know now. We’re done with stairs, the yard, and hundreds of items we haven’t used or touched in years.

Yes, we are on the move. Some may say, didn’t you do that before? We tried downsizing once before and that was a joke. We had to do it so hurriedly that we lacked the time to discard many items that did not need to go with us. There was simply no place to put everything in only half the space we moved to. That and other factors made it necessary for us to move back into our house. This time we are doing it right; i.e., we’re taking our time and not rushing, having yard sales to get rid of many items, making donations to local charities and thrift shops. It really is ALMOST enjoyable this time around because we know more what we’re doing.

Ever since we moved back into our home, we’ve always talked about downsizing and knew this day would come. As empty nesters, we don’t need a large house and more so, a large, hilly yard. Retirement will be here sooner than later for Don too. So we are on the move.

Is it right for eveyone? Maybe not at the current time, but for us we feel it is right. Some have already given their opinions on why we are wrong, but we are ready. I hope everyone can be happy for us. Hey, less maintenance, more time to travel.

A lot of thought was given into the type of apartment we wanted and where. We are thrilled with our choice and can’t wait to get the keys in a few days.

Yes, I’ve had trouble letting go of some stuff, but it must be done, and after it’s in the car and gone, it’s not really as bad a feeling. There will be more to get rid of after we get settled in as I’m not sure of what will work in the space although I have a color and decor style in mind. I see having more to sell, or donate later on.

Benefits of downsizing to an apartment – no maintenance to worry about. No more paying someone to maintain our yard. No more roof repairs. No more buying new flooring. No more window washing. Did I mention there are 3 large walk-in closets?

Our dryer at this time is starting to take a long time to dry but no worries, we have a washer and dryer provided in the apartment, and even a laundry room, which I don’t have here.

And of course there are things which will be missed. I will be limited to patio for flowers and herbs but I have already got new pots for this. Changing colors when I want to. Actually I can paint the walls any color I want to but I want to live with the beige for now. At least it’s a pretty beige, not the pinky or blush you sometimes see. We are able to change out things such as light fixtures and fans. A new dining area chandelier, pendent lights, and ceiling living room ceiling fan is already in the works.

The worst part of all of this – THE ACTUAL MOVE. I’ve been packing for a few months and have moved some into the garage unit we have rented at the apartment.

We get the keys in a few days but don’t have movers scheduled until the next week so we have time to get a bit settled before the big stuff gets moved. Hiring a mover is the best decision you can make.

A few things I’m looking forward to is the amenities including a nice pool, yoga is offered, and a fitness room. Something offered too is trash pickup. We just sit it out the door and it’s picked up for us.

Follow along for all of the before and afters of furniture, projects, and how we are adjusting to apartment living. Some of the projects I have been working on for a little while now but will be revealed in our new home. These pictures are not from our actual apartment as it is being updated and will literally be an all new apartment.

Have you thought of downsizing yet?

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  1. Hello, saw you on the Facebook page – Enjoyed your post! So ready to downsize, but Hubby wants to work the max, he says 10 more years, I say NO WAY, ha! We are empty nest now and I am ready to maintain something smaller and be closer to friends who are north of Atlanta, we are too far south for an easy drive having to blast through the middle of city traffic, not fun and almost two hours. Pop by to see me, “50 With Flair” has some fun stuff 🙂

    Lori Jo – 50 With Flair

    1. We love coming to Atlanta but even trying to pick good times for traffic, it can still be a headache. Once I can get the organizing part done and best storage solutions, it will be so easy to maintain.

  2. We are getting there Rosemary. Our youngest just graduated from college. She hasn’t totally moved out yet but the day is coming so for now we are sprucing up our current 4 bedroom for a future sale.

  3. Rosemary… So looking forward to your new adventure! I’m subscribing now, so I can follow along and see what you are doing! I LOVE living in a small home… I love overcoming the challenges it offers, and that I can vacuum the whole abode in less than 5 mins! 😉 Pinned to my Apartment AND Small Living boards!

    1. It’s beginning to look a bit more homey as I got curtains up in a couple rooms and some rugs down. Walls are still a bit bare as I’m trying to settle on furniture placement.

  4. If you are happy, I am happy for you! The apartment looks fantastic. I have tried to talk my husband into moving into a cabin on the river. No luck yet.
    🙂 gwingal

    1. I think my husband was a bit more ready to do it as he really didn’t like or care about the upkeep and yard work. Getting older though, we both aren’t as capable of doing this as we did a few years ago.

  5. We have been talking about selling out and moving as well. We want a bit more property though instead of just a small lot. My husband needs to stop renting shop space and we want to have his shop on our own land. I am content with my smaller (1300sq ft) house and would not mind going slightly smaller. I have been clearing out a ton of stuff we just don’t use or need. It feels good.

  6. While we already live in a little home, we still have collected so much over the years. And, with our one daughter having moved out in January and other getting ready to buy her own home, we are way overdue for downsizing our stuff!

    1. It’s amazing how much you can collect without realizing it. A lot of mine is props for photos and TV plus all of those “I’ll use it one of these days”

  7. I still have my last child home and actually looking forward for him to get his own place! He is so messy but a great kid! He tries!

  8. Hello Rosemary! Well, that decision was made for us when my husband lost his job three years ago, then was out of work for two. We had to sell our four bedroom plus den house with pool and my long-worked-on garden, but after three years now in a trailer and potted gardens, we are ready for our next home. Probably a three-bedroom. 🙂 We are looking! The odd thing is there are almost no condos here in North Central Texas and apartments cost as much as to buy a home, so for us I think owning is still the best option.

    Enjoy your new place and yes, I wish we had sold a lot more stuff… It sits in two 10′ x 25′ storage units in California still.

    Barb 🙂

    1. We still have a garage at the apartment for storage and tools, then an offsite as we are still getting rid of things. So far though, this has been a good decision.

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