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A Sophisticated Front Door By Modern Masters

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Thanks to Modern Masters for providing this “Sophisticated” paint for my front door makeover.  I really loved the ease of using this paint and the results.  All the opinion are truly mine.front doorWhen I started the porch makeover last fall (interrupted by move and winter), it’s finally done.  The color scheme was picked by the creamy yellow of the house and the dark blue furniture which had been painted a couple years ago and I still enjoyed it.  A red tone would be a great accent, plus a red front door is very traditional so Sophisticated was the chosen color.

Modern Masters has a great Front Door Campaign.  With 24 colors to choose from, there’s a color for everyone.  I remember when I’ve painted a door in the past, you had to worry about it drying in time in order to close it at night.  With the water base, easy to use, and quick dry formula of Modern Masters, this isn’t a problem.  Plus there’s a non fade technology that keeps your door looking fresh for years to come.colorIf you need help in picking a color, download the Modern Master App on your Iphone or Android to make the process simple.  Here’s some information but just search FRONT DOOR PAINT on your device.appAs with any painting project, there’s usually some prep involved.  My door was in good shape so I just gave it a good cleaning before starting then removed the kick plate and door knocker as they were going to be painted or replaced.  

Derby was waiting on his makeover too.  Notice the color of the door before.derby doorIf you need help, Modern Master helps with that too.  Here’s some instructions for you and a video on how to paint your door.  

I picked a nice, non-rainy day to help with the drying process.  Got it ready.  Two coats of paint and I was done.  I would wait til the next day to attach the new hardware.   Another great point about this paint – it really goes a long way.  I have enough paint left to do my outdoor shutters.

Modern Masters Front Door Paint can be found on Amazon and Home Depot Online.

The brass door knocker was painted with Rustoleum 2x Aluminum following directions.  Clean to remove any residue.  Two to three coats of light paint will do it.

 From Brassbrassto Beautifuldoor knocker

A new kick plate was purchased to match at Home Depot.  This is a place I like all the metals to match.kick plateFor even more ideas using all types of Modern Masters Paint, go to their cafe.

Truly loving the new front door look.with flagIf you want to see more of my porch makeover, here’s a few things.  Look for the complete makeover soon.

A few more projects from the porch.

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    1. The door knocker was painted with Rustoleum spray paint. The door knob might could be, but it would be tricky. We had actually purchased a new one because the old one wasn’t able to lock. The only thing about painting a door knob is with a lot of use, it can wear out quickly.

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