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My Faux Apothecary Sofa Table

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Do you ever just want a change?  If you are like me, sometimes I try to dream big then never get anything done because it can seem overwhelming.  One place in my home is my living room.  Yes, the list is long but working slowly.  A new chair was purchased but this sofa table on the opposite wall, just needed something. My faux apothecary sofa table was a quick makeover to add a little new life.

finished njpap

I had seen a lot of “faux” apothecary chests and tables so I thought this piece would be a good one to try it out on.  Plus, having some of the recently released Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint, it was a win for me.  Loving the Roanoke Rain color.

black dog salvage paint

I had picked this up a couple years ago at a yard sale then painted it last year.  So here’s the before and after – before now.


It had been painted once along the way, but it was never a project I loved.  It was ok – for now.

After w-AH
Do you watch Salvage Dawgs on DIY Network?  There new season starts on July 31.  Do you remember when I visited them last year?
Did you know they had paint?  Well, I have known about it since last fall.  While on tour at Black Dog Salvage, I saw a can and asked about it.  I was told it was in the works so I promised not to say a word about it.  I even resisted taking a picture just so I wouldn’t accidentally let the cat out of the bag.
paint studio
Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is produced in small batches in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and includes a true black and white, affording the ability to mix custom tints and shades. The core paint palette consists of 15 handpicked colors that are easy to custom mix for any project from finished and unfinished furniture to woodwork, metal or glass.  The paint names are a nod to our colorful cast of characters and our beautiful hometown. Examples include “Caution: Dogs at Work”, “I need a Bandage”, “Roanoke Rain”, “Star City Sunshine” and “Blue Ridge”.
Now to get to the table.  Being a visual person, I had to see if I wanted 3 or 4 front pieces so I measured my drawer front and cut just copy paper.  They were attached with Frog Tape so I wouldn’t have to worry about paint coming off, even though this had been painted for about a year.
test faux  
When you pull them off, don’t throw them away.  I’ll explain later.
Three looked better on this piece.  And with this, I knew the knew knobs would only need to be about an inch wide.  My go to place for any type of drawer knobs and pulls is D Lawless and I chose these.
I had scrap Luan plywood around which would work for this.  Using my trusty Ryobi Saw, it only took a minute to cut these out.  Mine measured 4.5″ x 6″ but it will vary by your furniture size.
These edges after cutting can be a bit rough so sand them all smooth.  I also used my Ryobi Sander to sand the edges and corners so they were slightly rounded.
Although so many paints say no prep, it depends on the piece I’m doing on how I prep it.  A good cleaning is always a must.  
I usually still do a light sanding to reduce brush marks (which the brush I used last year left a lot, but it was ok with me at the time) but now I wanted a smoother finish.  
When painting raw wood, the grain from the wood can be raised a bit with a coat of paint, so after the first coat, a light sanding is needed to get those little fuzzy off.
For a smoother finish, I gave this 2 coats, sanding lightly between each.  After letting it dry for 24 hours, I used the Black Dog Salvage Matte Topcoat, again, 2 coats, lightly sanding between each.
This paint was a bit thicker than some, but it really leveled itself out to create a nice, smooth finish with no brush marks.  Of course, as I said, the brush you use can make a bit difference.  
A foam brush can be used especially for the top coat to prevent brush marks.  But, again, there’s good foam brushes, and cheap ones.
Always read and follow the directions on the paint you are using.
With the faux fronts only being 1/4″ thick, glue would hold these on by using Gorilla Wood Glue.  Plus the knobs were being put through them to attach to draw front.
Using a small amount of glue is all you need.  Wipe away any excess which squeezes out.
gorilla glue
Clamps held these in place while drying.  I put a piece of cloth to make sure no mark was left on the wood.clamped on
Remember that template I told you to save – now you use it.
Fold it in half lengthwise, then fold in half the other way.  Snip a small – very small from the center fold.  This hole will be used for the placement  of the knobs.template  Mark each spot for the new knob.  Drill a small pilot hole before your knob hole to prevent splitting.  
It was a success for me when I started drilling the center front and I had it lined up to the original drawer knob hole.  That’s always a great feeling when you do something right.
I love having this new color in my living room and can’t wait to add a bit more of this color and navy to dress it up a bit.
It had been neutral but this color is also great for the coast decorating I like to do in the summer.
Using some of my beachy decor, especially some shells I brought home from a trip or cruise, can make you dream of those walks along a beach.  Who’s ready to watch a sunrise or sunset?  I know I am.
Black Dog Salvage Paint is available in 15 colors, which can be mixed for your own custom colors.  You can also find this in Woodcraft Stores in your area.
What could use a little makeover in your house?  I hope you try out this new Black Dog Salvage paint.  Let me know what you think.

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I’ve included affiliate links to Amazon for you to find some products easier.  I may receive a small commission, but the price is the same for you.  It just helps my blog out.

Happy Travels, 


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  1. Brilliant using plywood and layering up. I wondered if you just mitered into the drawer! Plywood is much easier! I love how it turned out. I haven’t watched SDawgs yet, but that is right up my alley!
    Next item to make over at my house are the coffee and side tables in my Living Room.

  2. Wow, Your piece turned out beautiful and I love the color. I never heard of this line of paint before and I love learning about new paint since I paint a lot of furniture. Thanks for sharing.

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