Sofa Table with Amy Howard One Step Paint

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I love how just a couple of coats of paint can cause such a dramatic difference in a piece of furniture and in a room.  Loving my sofa table with Amy Howard One Step Paint.


This was picked up at a yard sale a couple years ago for $15 and has been in several places in my home, but finally found a permanent home in the living room on the entry wall.  The dark finish just wasn’t working.before

Now, I knew it should be lighter, but I didn’t want white.  I had used Amy Howard One Step Paint on some smaller projects, but not furniture yet.  Luxe Grey is a very soft gray, which almost doesn’t look gray so that’s what I decided on.  And, this was the first time trying a round brush for painting.  Loved it.  I’m so glad that we can buy it locally at our Elder Ace Hardware Stores.


Although with this paint, you don’t always have to do a lot of prep work before painting, this had such a shiny surface, I will usually do a light sanding just to remove some of the shine.
Who doesn’t love having Ryobi tools to use on projects?  This finishing sander with a corner is my favorite for wood projects.  Then the drill is just so useful from removing cabinet hardware, screwing in screws, and drilling holes.  And the charger is inter-changeable between these and so many of their tools.
By removing the drawers from the table, it makes painting easier.   Pulls were removed using my Ryobi drill.
All surfaces were given a light sanding with my Ryobi sander.  Wipe away all the dust and you are ready to paint.  
Two coats was needed for good coverage over this dark piece allowing to dry about 30 minutes between each.  
Just to be on the safe side, I let the drawer paint dry overnight before I replaced the knobs and put them back into the table.  
I am on the lookout for some glass knobs but just haven’t found the perfect ones yet.  The old silver ones were in great shape and almost matched some of the other finishes so they will do for now.  
A few questions a lot of people have when painting furniture, especially with drawers.  
Do you paint the back?  Since this had the same wood on the back I did paint it so if I ever wanted to pull it out for a serving table.  Normally for a dresser or chest, I don’t.  Plus they usually have a backing board.
Do you paint the drawers completely?  Not usually.  On this I did paint just a few inches in just in case they weren’t closed completely.  For this project it didn’t bother me for the drawers not to be painted inside, but now that I’ve used it a few days, I think I do want to paint at least the inside, just so they aren’t so dark.
Noticed on the picture I had a drip of paint, which doesn’t show when the drawer is closed but it has been sanded away now.
You know things can always change as you finish a project.
Now to decide what color I want to paint the lamp.  Any suggestions?  Sometimes I just have to live with something before I can decide how I want it arranged or painted.
I love the baskets to help control the clutter.  They are being used for magazines, coupons, receipts, and newspapers.
If you enjoy giving old furniture new life, check out a couple more of my makeovers.

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. The finished table is absolutely beautiful. I love white furniture and am actually thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets white – or having someone do it since I’m not terribly crafty.

  2. That table looks great! I love the addition of the baskets, they are functional and it adds an element to the over all style as well. Thank you for answering some questions that I would have asked too :).

  3. You did a wonderful job. I wish I had the patience to do something like that. Thanks for sharing. It’s really great. Oh, and I think you should paint your lamp a nice bright color to livin’ up the room a bit!

  4. This looks totally amazing and it does not cost a lot to make a different piece of furniture that looks gorgeous. I love doing projects like this and it makes such a big improvement in a room. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What that turned out just lovely. I love DIY projects like this, especially when they turn out SO MUCH better than the before. That is seriously beautiful.

  6. Looking back at some posts. This sofa table turned out great! How was the Amy Howard paint? I’m painting my red kitchen table today or Saturday using paint on hand. I am thinking of her lacquer for a chair in Amy’s room.

    1. I really like how it goes on. Hard to stir if it’s been sitting a while, but I took up to Ace and let them shake it for me. I’m adding one of the knobs we got at Haven from Liberty, and bought one from HD so gotta get those added for a little bling. I’m wanting to try the lacquer also but not sure for what yet.

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