Transitional Mantel – Not Spring Yet!

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At this time of year some still have snow and ice, or if you are lucky enough like here in Tennessee, experiencing Spring type weather.  A little sun and 73 – I could get used to that.  Who has spring fever?

After all of your Christmas decorations are down, sometimes you feel a bit blah with how the room looks.  And most of the time you are ready to make at least a little change since you’ve probably had extra decor up since fall.full mantel namedI don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day anymore so I usually use this time to just pull things together I already have just waiting for spring and Easter.  Of course, Easter is earlier this year, so in about a month it will be time for a change.  That’s about right for me anyway.

Everything I placed on the mantel or hearth was already in my decorating closet (well, room, garage) – close to hoarder, yes.  One of the best buys on there is the star.  They are made by a local person and sold at shows for $40.  I got mine at a yard sale for $5.  I recognized it and knew I was getting a good deal.mantel namedA problem I’ve always had with the fireplace mantel is the fireplace isn’t centered in the room, so the point of the ceiling is to one side.  For this I usually don’t do a symmetrical look but usually use a taller piece to one side to bring your eye all they way up.  This is a piece I picked up from a yard sale for $10.  It might even get painted one of these days. 

The fireplace itself isn’t usable at the moment so I don’t have to worry about anything catching fire.

I have tried to clean the black off the back wall, but to no avail so I cover it up with a couple mirrors.  Plus I like the way it will reflect light.

The galvanized bucket is holding a few birch logs and pine cones.

Here’s a hint if you don’t have enough to fill up a bucket – use some household items such as old coffee cans and even an old candle to fill up space.fill bucketOne of my favorite pieces is this carved dog.  I purchased it at the Country Sampler show in Nashville about 25 years ago.  The gentlemen carved these and painted them to match your dog.  I got this for my Dad’s Christmas present.  It looks so real.  I paid about $80 for it and a few years later saw them wholesale for $200.  Good deal there.dogTo lighten it up a bit more, the faux fur is a piece from Ikea.

So if you have a mantel, buffet, or side table that needs a little updating, shop your home first before you go out and buy things.  Sometimes using pieces from another room gives a whole new look to it.

I really liked how this came out with a little glitz from the silver, rusted look of the basket and bucket, then a nod to the farm life with cotton.

Hope you learn to shop your home for any decorating space.  

I can’t wait for yard sale season to kick into full gear so I can collect more “treasures” as I tell my husband.

Sharing is caring!

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