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A Pretty Porch – A Stenciled Rug

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It’s almost done – YEAH!!  Are you tired of hearing about my porch yet?

What a long project it became.

My favorite part – the stenciled “rug”.stencil floorDeciding on color and design was the first step but that was made easier with the help of Royal Design Studio Stencils.  Color was based on the dark blue porch furniture and creamy yellow of the house.  I’m pretty old school so graph paper and pencil was used to plan it.

For a variety of designs, I chose Talavera Tile Stencil  and Villa Wall Tile Stencil.

For the paint, I visited my local Elder Ace Hardware on Hwy 58 and spoke to paint expert Kim on picking the right paint for the concrete porch.  kimI chose 2 shades of blue, yellow and white in Royal Porch and Floor Paint.  She’s always great for color and paint suggestions.Monday BlueAfter the size, design, and color were planned, a good pressure washing was needed.  Having a son always comes in handy about this time.dougAfter it was thoroughly dried, the “rug” design was marked with a chalk line.  Size was determined by the depth of porch.
chalkThe outside of the center square was  taped off with the border width being determined by the width of painters tape.  This was painted with dark blue paint.painted sqAfter this square was given a second coat and allowed to dry overnight, a border was taped off.

The porch floor was then done starting by cutting in around the edges with a brush then the floor was rolled.  Always nice to have the hubby’s help.cut inAfter a 2nd coat, I let it dry overnight before getting back to the stencil.  

The border was painted yellow to match the house.
borderThe size of the inside squares had been determined by the stencils.  It’s always easier to work the product sizes you have, and adjust your squares to fit them.

Yellow and white squares were painted.  I did tape them off and painted the first coat with the tape, but then removed it for the 2nd coat.  I wanted my edges to not be precise so it would look a bit more shabby.

Using my Royal Design Studio Stencils, I used painters tape to hold in place.  You may also use a spray on stencil adhesive to hold them in place.  A stencil brush, such as this 3/4″ provided by Royal Design Studio Stencils is always best for stenciling since the bristles are more compact. brushLoad paint onto the brush and pounce the excess paint off onto a paper towel.  It doesn’t require much paint for stencils, plus if there is too much on the brush you risk it bleeding under the stencil.corner stencilTwo light coats were applied.stencil startStep back and admire your work.stencil sqThe stencils and brush was provided to me by Royal Stencil Design but all views and opinions are mine.

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  1. Wow, this looks like such an elaborate project. All of that hard work definitely paid off–it looks fantastic! You must be so happy with the results.

  2. The hard work did really pay off! Looks beautiful and will be well worth it when you spend the next few year enjoying it.

  3. Omg that came out great!!!! I wish I had talent to pull off such things. That must be looking pretty fabulous!!

  4. This is lovely, it would seem to be too difficult to try to tackle but with patience and the effort it can be done. We are in the middle of home renovations too, loved this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very unique I must say. Only thing is I don’t have a front porch, but I do have a cement floor in the basement. I bet that would save a lot of money doing that on my floor. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. wow this turned out so fantastic!! I’m impressed that you did all this from scratch and were able to document everything the way you did. Very cool

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