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Get Motivated To Start Spring Cleaning

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Who needs to get motivated to start spring cleaning?  Every spring, we go through the same routine: sorting through old clothing, getting rid of clutter, and dusting. Does it excite you? Probably not. Spring cleaning is a necessary evil, and it can be difficult to get motivated to begin it.


Why? Well, for starters, you’ve been crammed inside of your house for the past several months, and now spring is blooming beautiful and bright outside of your window, or at least in some areas. Does that mean you want to stay in your house organizing clutter that has been building up since Christmas? I, for one, do not! Regardless of how we feel about it, we really do have to get it done before we can go out and enjoy the spring with a clear conscience. The question is, how do we keep ourselves motivated to stay on task?


For starters, let’s talk about that great weather we’re having, at least in some parts of the country. Use that as a motivator to keep you going as you’re listening to the kids having a great time outdoors. That sunshine will give you a big dose of vitamin D that you have sorely been needing over the past few months. Open up your blinds and let it in, and soak it up. Open up the windows and let that fresh air in! Your house could use a great airing out after the winter months anyway. All of that fresh air will get your blood flowing and keep you on task.


Rewarding yourself for completing a task is something a lot of adults don’t do because we feel like rewards for doing the necessary aren’t for us, they’re for children. Wrong! Sometimes, when you complete a difficult task, you need something other than the satisfaction of a job well done. Motivate yourself with something good: a coffee, a nap, a great walk outside to enjoy these wonderful outdoors? Don’t feel self-indulgent just for giving yourself good things.


Is there any way that cleaning could ever feel like a treat? Maybe not, but when you add some great aromatherapy elements into your cleaning, it could make it much more bearable. Add some lemon oil to your furniture polish, it can help stimulate your energy levels. Give yourself some much-deserved relaxation by scrubbing things down with a lavender scented wash. It is the little things that make a big difference in motivation, and smelling good things will only help to raise those motivation levels.


Crossing items off of a list helps you to track your progress and see that you ARE accomplishing something. Make a master list of the things you’d like to get done in your home, and as you mark them all off, you’re going to feel like a champion!


You know how much I like lists.


Spring cleaning isn’t the most exciting activity in the world, but you are going to feel absolutely amazing when it is all done. Enjoy the warmer weather and a tidy house!


Spring is only a few days away.  Have you thought about spring cleaning yet?

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