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Find Sunny Spots in the US in the Winter

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We’re smack in the middle of winter wonderland season, but if winter is less “joy” and more “oh, boy” for you, then Find Sunny Spots in the US During the Winter is just the thing. If you’d rather enjoy the summer sun than battle the winter blues, escape to any of these tropical destinations to embrace the heat and beat those winter blues. 

The best part about these destinations is that they’re all right here in the USA. No passports – or the mad dash to renew them – are required. No expensive international flights are required! These destinations are as easy to get to as they are sunny. 

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Find Sunny Spots in the US During the Winter

Every one of these spots is perfect for soaking up the sun and leaving the frigid temperatures of winter behind. Relax in the relative warmth of these tropical and sub-tropical climes, basking in the sun and the blessed lack of snowdrifts and icy roads. 

St. John, US Virgin Islands

A Caribbean vacation without leaving the country? Oh, yes, you can do that. St. John is the most unspoiled of the US Virgin Islands, making it the perfect combination of relaxation with outdoor adventure if you so choose. In fact, the island’s national park is even bigger than the resort, so you’ll easily find gorgeous beaches with waters so clear that you can see tons of wildlife as you snorkel. 

The truly adventurous can lace up their hiking boots and explore the seemingly-endless trails that meander throughout the surrounding jungle, offering views of lush, tropical vegetation and the beautiful creates that call it all home. 

Palm Springs, California

Known as the heart of the California Dessert, this eclectic city is equal parts quaint small town and trendy art center. Here, you’ll find wonderfully temperate weather along with cafes, a plethora of artsy shops, boutique hotels, and a vibe that is both modern and vintage simultaneously. 

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If exploring the beauty of nature is your thing, be sure to take the quick drive to Joshua Tree National Park and spend a couple of days hiking in the famed dessert, taking in the scenic views along the driving areas, and generally soaking up all the natural beauty that California has to offer. 

End the day by gazing up at the stars before heading off to bed in your tent or retreat to any of the luxurious boutique hotels located just outside of the park. 

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai sees moderate temperatures all year long. Although winter is the rainy season, you’ll still be able to enjoy hiking through the jungle in search of waterfalls, fishing from piers, or taking in the views as you drive along the ever-popular Na Pali Coast. 

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Kauai is also a stop for migrating humpback whales during the winter, which means you’ll have the opportunity to spot these majestic creatures as you explore the seaside. 

There are two key recommendations to remember: Winter is the season of choice for visitors so plan accordingly be booking your flights and accommodations as early as possible. Secondly, make sure you allot time for both the beach and the mountainous, lush beauty of the interior of the island as well. 

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Miami, Florida

Miami is an electric city, alive with its infectious vibe, exciting nightlife, and exuberant residents. If you’re looking for a mix of urban exploration and natural beauty, then this is one of the best winter sun destinations for you.

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Explore the city’s vibrant art district, energetic nightlife, shopping, and dining, making sure to hit the Art Deco district and Little Havana. Then head to the beach to soak in the sun, stroll on the white sand, and look out over the gorgeous turquoise water. 

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Be sure to take a break from the beaches and the city hustle and bustle to visit the surrounding national parks. Head to the Everglades for the ultimate hiking and wildlife adventure, stop by Biscayne National Park for amazing underwater exploration, or head to Dry Tortugas for a little solitude in mother nature. 


Scottsdale, Arizona

Full of sun and moderate temperatures, Scottsdale, an interesting little town in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, boasts average temperatures in the 70s during the winter months. It’s also the perfect spot for those who love some southwestern flair. 

While exploring the town, be sure to sample all the delicious foods available while you experience their renowned food scene, jump headfirst into the nightlife the town has to offer, and visit all the boutique shops and cafes that fill the town. 

Pro Tip: Visit Scottsdale in December to experience their annual Scottsdazzle festival. This month-long event features seasonal decor, live music, entertainment, amazing food, and all kinds of fun events. 


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Another Caribbean spot on this list of winter sun destinations in the USA, San Juan offers a wonderful combination of nature, gorgeous beaches, and history, along with a city that is definitely not afraid of bold colors. If you’re looking for the vacation of a lifetime, San Juan just might be for you. This is one of our favorite sunny spots during the winter.

I can’t wait to pull into San Juan soon on a cruise.

winter sunny spots in US my home and travels san juan puerto rico

San Juan is an explosion of vibrant color and activity that draws you in from the start. Spend your days exploring the town and practically feeling the thrum of life that runs through it. Take in the music, history, and food to be found there, or just lounge and be lazy on any of its gorgeous beaches. 

You’ll also find exciting opportunities for experiencing the beauty of nature, as well. Some notable places to experience amazing hiking trails and gorgeous scenery include El Yungue National Forest, Toro Negro State Forest, Guajataca Forest, and Guanica Dry Forest.


Find Sunny Spots in the US in the Winter

Whether you want to dance the night away, immerse yourself in art, explore the beauty of nature, or a little of all of it, you’ll find what you’re looking for with these winter sun destinations. From the electricity of Miami to the natural beauty and laid-back vibe of Kauai and everything in between, this list will help you find the perfect winter destination to leave the cold behind and find that winter sun. 


A few more sunny spots in the winter

These are great for anytime of the year.  

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