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Striped again – an old nightstand has new life

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You may know by now that I love stripes and with a little painters tape, it’s an easy way to add dimension to a furniture piece.  Being striped again an old nightstand has new life.

striped nightstand


Need to refresh a piece of furniture, or maybe add a piece, consider something you have picked up at a yard sale or thrift shop and paint it.  Wanting to refresh a corner in my living room, I had this $5 yard sale night stand and knew it would make a great side table, adding a bit of storage. 

My paint of choice was General Finishes Milk Paint

striped nightstand paint


You always want to check the manufactures directions on any product for suggested use and prep work.  After removing the hardware, I cleaned it with Murphy multi-use wood cleaner, sanded the entire piece lightly to remove the shiny finish and rough edges.  If changing the size or type of hardware, you will need to fill in the holes with wood putty and allow time for this to dry.  Follow directions for application and drying.  Drill the holes for the new hardware.  Wipe down thoroughly to remove any dust particles. 

I wanted to add interest to the piece by adding stripes, a process easily done using 3M ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape.  Coming in a variety of widths, I chose 1”.  Plan a design before you begin to paint.  I actually changed my design up a few times before the final one was chosen.


striped nightstand taped

You are now ready to paint.  I chose Basil for the base and Linen for the stripes.  This is where your artistic and fun side can be shown.

Usually 2 coats of paint will cover most surfaces, but depending on the color you are covering up, it could require additional coats.  Thinner coats are better and will dry quicker.  Follow the directions for drying times between each coat.  Sometimes a light sanding between coats is needed.  I allowed this to dry 24 hours before using tape.   

Apply the tape in your chosen design.  The big secret to getting those clean, crisp lines is how you apply your tape.  Use an old credit card to burnish the edges of the tape to prevent paint from getting under the edges.  Go over it several times always in the direction the tape is laying. 

 striped nightstand drawer tape




Using your stripe color, paint a very light coat in the direction of the tape to make sure you have your edges of the tape covered well.  Using a 1 ½” angled brush, apply a very light first coat.  Allow to dry then paint your second coat.  Almost always when I’m doing a light color over a darker color, a 3rd coat is needed, especially since your first coat was just used to secure your tape lines. 



striped nightstand drawer paint

Immediately after your final coat is applied, remove the tape carefully pulling in the direction the tape was put down.

No matter how careful you are in all of these steps, you can still get that little uneven edge.  Don’t worry, it can be fixed easily.  You may have to reapply tape in some areas, or using a small artist brush, you can touch it up. 

After the piece is dry, you do need a protective top coat.  Since I knew this would get a lot of use, I used General Finishes High Performance.  Again, follow the directions of the top coat you are using.    Let dry then attach your new hardware and admire your finished piece.

striped nightstand side view

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  1. Looks great! I bet that took a few hours to do. I like stripes, too, but I don’t think my husband would let me do that to any of the furniture. Pity. 🙂

    1. You could always try a subtle stripe. Use 2 colors on the same color card, or add a bit of white or gray to the paint. Check back soon for a $7 dresser turned into an entertainment center. Maybe you can find a new cheap piece to try.

    1. Just have patience when applying the tape. Let the paint dry well, then make sure the edges of your tape is down. I use an old credit card. Check back soon for a $7 dresser turned into an entertainment center.

  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it. I think it came out great. I would love to try this project.

  3. I definitely would not have thought to use stripes when re finishing a piece of furniture. I like the look! Of course KLUTZ that I am I would have to get someone else to do it for me!

    1. This is an easy project. You could practice on just a plain board, using the tape the secret is getting it burnished so there’s not any leakage underneath. But that can be fixed too. Hope you try something. Follow along for more ideas and contact me with specific questions if you need help.

  4. Wow, you did such a great job on it! I’m so impressed. My husband always says you can’t refurbish fake wood….like that particle board wood with the veneer on it. Is he right or just giving me a line? I used panthers tape and painted vertical stripes in my boys’ room. It looks awesome. Always get great compliments on it. This nightstand is beautiful!

  5. Nicely done! The stripes make it look like a whole different piece. Now I’m going to be looking around at home finding things I can add stripes to.

    1. Thanks – General Finishes is probably my favorite paint with so many colors, although I have tried many and like them too. Hope you try something. Follow along for all kinds of projects and food.

  6. I love furniture restoration and have always wanted to do! I loved what you did to this dresser and makes an old, outdated piece of furniture come back to life and seem like it is new! Well done!

  7. I’ve been begging my husband to repaint my vanity for some time now so perhaps I can use this as an example of how easy it can be! Thank you for sharing this awesome DIY! 🙂

  8. Wow! It’s such a fresh new look! I really enjoy DIY projects and you’ve done a great job with this one. I like the striped touch and the colour is somewhat rustic feel to it.

  9. I love projects like this! It costs so little to make big, beautiful changes!I’ve just begun getting crafty myself and and I’m realizing how much I can actually do myself!

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