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Who likes stripes?

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Don’t you just love when something you are working on comes out better than expected?  It’s such a great feeling when you finish a project and just absolutely love it and want everyone else to also.



I am thrilled with how this table turned out, especially when the colors of the paint are so gorgeous and it was so easy to do.  I am now a retailer for General Finishes Milk Paint and loving I get to play around with some of the colors to see if they come out as pretty in real life as they do on the samples.  They do, and even better.
I picked up this table Saturday with no specific plans but after noticing the lines of the top and the drawer, I immediately thought it would be great with stripes.  Now what color?  The Persian Blue had been calling out to me saying “Try me” so Persian Blue and Antique White it was.
For any of you wanting to paint stripes, you know a great tape is a must.  I do have to admit right now I did make a little oopsy when putting my tape down.  My husband helped me measure it off and hold the tape.  On top of the table I took an old credit card and burnished the edges down really good so no paint would get under it.  Guess what I forgot to do on the drawer?  Yep, didn’t get my edges down so after 2 coats of my paint and seeing the big mess on the drawer, I had to sand down those layers and start over.  Second time around – PERFECT, just like the stripes on top.
Don’t you just love the feeling as you are peeling the tape away and you have those crisp, perfect lines?  I sure do and FROG tape makes it work every time when you do it right.  Actually, after I had the table painted Antique White and put the green FROG tape down, it made me want to paint something that bright green.  You never know where the idea of your next project will come from.
If any of you need further information about General Finishes paint, please let me brag on it a bit more.

Sharing is caring!

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