Staying at Drury Plaza Hotel, A Historic Location in Pittsburgh

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Have you ever spent the night in a bank building? If you’re planning a trip to the Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania, consider a stay at the DRURY PLAZA HOTEL, a historic location in Pittsburgh with much to offer its guests. Then you can say you stayed in a bank building!  Thank you to Drury Hotels for hosting my stay, but this review is all my own opinion.  #hosted

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Nestled in the heart of the downtown area, this historic building has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy. A major reason for staying at any Drury Hotels, you will find a high standard of excellence across the board, whether it’s the amenities, guest services  or  the spacious suites and rooms. 

From the moment you walk in, you know you are in Pittsburgh.

drury plaza hoel downtown pittsburgh my home and travels front lobby desk


Staying at Drury Plaza Hotel, A Historic Location in Pittsburgh – The History

The Drury Plaza Hotel was once the location of the Fourth District Federal Reserve Bank. It’s since been renovated and transformed into a laidback and comfortable downtown hotel near the district courts. The historical building was first developed in 1931 and was originally only seven stories tall. However, in 1956, a professional architect added an additional ten stories to the building, making it the impressive size it is today.

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels reserve bank plaque

Although the building has existed for decades, it wasn’t until 2013 that Drury Hotels purchased it and started renovating it to turn the property into the incredible hotel that people love staying in during trips to Pittsburgh. Despite the changes, the building still has the initial historic appearance that makes it such an amazing sight to see.

While renovating, Drury Hotels kept much of the original finishes.  This mural is original.  This space was the lobby of the bank and now serves as the breakfast area.  Did you notice all the details on the marble walls?

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels- original mural

Or the bars on the windows?

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels- bars on windows

Since my very first job was working in a bank, I really enjoyed seeing all of the old bank features, and how they were worked into the architecture of the current hotel.  

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels- entry

These vault doors weigh approximately 34 tons. 

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels vault door

This unique security system.

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels bank plaque tube

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels tube security

There were a lot of pictures of how the bank ran back in the day, like this old coin counter.

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels old picture coins


The Amenities Available to Guests

The Drury Plaza Hotel offers numerous convenient amenities that guests can enjoy and appreciate during their stay.  One of the first and most loved amenities is the indoor pool and whirlpool provided to guests, along with the fitness room. So, whether you’re visiting during the winter or summer months, you can enjoy a swim in the water with loved ones.  This could be especially nice as the winters in Pittsburgh can get rather cold.

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels pool indoor

Amenities offered include, but there could be an additional charge.  Check the WEBSITE for details or call the hotel direct. 

Valet parking

Pet friendly

Free Wi-Fi

Microwave & refrigerator

Iron &  ironing board

Hair dryer 

24 hour business center

Most people love knowing they can get a free hot breakfast in the morning while staying at this hotel along with the 5:30 Kickback. Items served are standard with all Drury Hotels including biscuits and gravy each morning.  Other items include waffles, cereals, and a variety of pastries.

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels breakfast buffet

Alfredo Sauce and grilled chicken is one of the menu items rotated each evening along with salads, soups, hot dogs, nachos, and baked potatoes.  Also enjoy a complimentary glass of wine, beer, or a favorite mixed cocktail.

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels chicken and alfredo

A few Drury Hotel locations have a bar and restaurant area known as The Kitchen.  Since this location wanted to keep as much associated with the former Federal Reserve Bank, the name for the location here was granted as The Fourth District, since that was the name of the bank. 

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels 4th distict bar restaurant

The staircase and bars leading up to the area is original.

Spacious Suites and Rooms

Always a plus with Drury is the spacious rooms and decor.  

Ask for a corner room for more space.

drury plaza hoel downtown pittsburgh my home and travels  corner suite

Love a large walk in shower.

drury plaza hoel downtown pittsburgh my home and travels  walk in shower

You will always find art work of local landmarks and city scenes.  Guess how many bridges are in Pittsburgh?

drury plaza hoel downtown pittsburgh my home and travels  art work bridges



The Location – What’s Close to It?

The Drury Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh is in such a convenient spot. It’s only four minutes from the train station, making it easy to get to if you’ve decided to take Amtrak to get to Pittsburgh.

If you venture up to the rooftop terrace, you will find great views between the taller buildings.  

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels rooftop terrace

If you look closely, you can see PNC Park in the distance.  We missed our favorite team The Cubs, by a week.

drury-plaza-hotel-downtown-pittsburgh-my-home-and-travels rooftop view


In addition to being close to the train station, the hotel is only a mile away from the popular Andy Warhol Museum that most people like to visit during their stay. Are you a baseball fan?  It’s just across the river from PNC Park, home of the Pirates. We found Pittsburgh to be very driver friendly and plenty of parking available during the week. 


I love this inter-active board located in the lobby giving you multiple choices of locations, restaurants, and museums around Pittsburgh.  This was new to me but hope to see it in more locations. 



If you’re planning a trip to Pittsburgh, be sure to consider staying at the Drury Hotel. Located in the historic section of the city, the hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms while providing some of the most convenient and enjoyable amenities one could ask for in a hotel.

Watch in the next few weeks for more about our first, but not last trip to Pittsburgh.  A few things we learned or you might not know about Pittsburgh:

The Klondike Bar was invented here

There are over 446 bridges

It’s the actual home to Mr. Rogers

There are over 30 universities and colleges in the area


For information about visiting this great city – VISIT PITTSBURGH


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