Corvette History on Full Display at The Corvette Museum

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The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is committed to preserving Corvette history through its extensive collection of artifacts and memorabilia, exhibits, and its famous Corvette simulator.

This world-famous museum celebrates the history of one of the most famous muscle cars of all time – the Chevrolet Corvette. Since its first 300-car production run in 1953, the Corvette has been an icon in American muscle, and The Corvette Museum strives to preserve that history and bring the story of this beautifully powerful driving machine to everyone who walks through its doors. 

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About The Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum houses the world’s largest collection of Corvette information and is the only automotive museum dedicated to a single vehicle model. This world-famous museum is devoted to the history of one of America’s most iconic muscle cars and houses over 80 Corvettes from each of the car’s eight generations.

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This collection includes stock Corvettes, mint classics, prototypes, rare models, and racing champions. In addition, the museum is home to an incredibly extensive collection of memorabilia, artifacts, and media, along with interactive exhibits, educational programs, and even simulators so visitors can virtually drive these classic muscle cars. 

The museum has been collecting and chronicling Corvette history since its construction and opening in 1994. Over the past 30 years, its tireless pursuit of all things Corvette has seen its collection balloon to an incredibly impressive number of Corvette artifacts of all sorts. Since its inception, the museum has become the most famous spot in the world to learn about and experience the Corvette, known as America’s Sports Car. 

In addition to its extensive collection of cars and memorabilia, the museum is also home to the Corvette Hall of Fame, which honors the men and women who have made Corvette the classic car it is today, from founding members of the museum to retired Corvette racing team members, and many more. 

Corvette History Exhibits

The Corvette Museum features five special exhibits that tell the story of the Corvette and an infamous event that happened at the museum – the sinkhole that opened the Skydome in 2014!

The Corvette Cave-In tells the story of the infamous sinkhole that opened in the museum’s Skydome in 2014. The incident occurred in the early morning hours, so no visitors were present. However, security cameras captured the entire event.

Through that footage, the Museum gives a first-hand account of the incident, the cave system that caused the collapse, and how it was renovated and restored. 

Closely related to this exhibit is the upcoming Ground to Sky exhibit. It celebrates ten years since the sinkhole occurred. This limited engagement exhibit showcases how dedication, grit, and determination have shaped the museum’s reconstruction and recovery process and its plans for the future. The window for this exhibit is June 14 through September 15, 2024, so be sure to get there before it’s gone! 

Other notable exhibits include: 

  • The Luster exhibit showcases the beauty of the Corvette through works of art inspired by it. Painting and photos highlight the beauty and raw power of this famous sports car. 
  • An American Love Affair showcases the history of the Corvette and America’s love affair with it. Using their LED Skywall, the museum’s exhibit tells the story on a nearly 300-foot-long screen. 
  • Driven by Design is the Museum’s ongoing exhibit devoted to the design of the Corvette and how it’s shaped by previous generations and improved technology advancements. 

This is the inside of the dome and spot where the cave in occured.  You would never know now.

corvette museum my home and travels cave in spot

It was fortunate that the cave in occured early in the morning to prevent any injuries.  Camera footage caught the moment.  It was a sad time for many Corvette lovers to see these treasures fall below the ground.



The dome – inside and out.

corvette museum dome inside and out

Educational Opportunities

In addition to preserving Corvette history, The Corvette Museum is dedicated to education. The Corvette may be a classic American muscle car icon, but it’s also a steppingstone into the world of STEAM. An absolute ton of science and technology have gone into creating these vehicles, and the museum uses them as a platform to educate future Corvette lovers, car designers, scientists, and other leaders in STEAM. 

Corvette’s rich history, use of technology, and engineering make it CORE content, and they use that to educate today’s youth as they become tomorrow’s leaders. the museum offers field trips that allow students to explore everything that goes into designing these vehicles, from engineering to mechanical innovation.

The McMichael Family Education Gallery is an educational experience that uses state-of-the-art technology to help children deep dive into what makes a Corvette tick and how science is used to make that happen. 

Don’t have a Corvette?

Want your own Corvette?  You can find this model on Ebay for $55.

corvette museum my home and travels model

This might be a bit more fun – experience a ride in the Simulator.

 corvette-museum-my-home-and-travels-simulator ride

This little beauty was being picked up by her new owner.  Living a dream.

 corvette-museum-my-home-and-travels-new owner car

See Corvette History in Person

From interactive exhibits and educational opportunities to simulators that let you feel the power of America’s favorite muscle car for yourself, The Corvette Museum is the place to see everything you could ever think of when it comes to Corvette history. It’s a must-see attraction for both kids and adults alike, offering so much more than just pretty cars to look at. 

Only three hundred were produced the first year in 1953.  This was meticulously restored after being disassembled into 27 boxes.


A Few of My Favorites

Corvettes have long been a favorite with many racing teams.


Racing Car to celebrate the Bicentennial


2003 – 50th Anniversary Edition


It featured an AM radio.


favorite corvettes at museum my home and travels
Not a favorite of the wife so this was placed in a brick and mortar tomb for 40 years


A redesign with racing in mind.


Plan a Visit

Find out more information, including hours and admission fees HERE.


It’s a fun place to visit for all, but especially for car lovers, and maybe like me, growing up dreaming of owning one.

Of course you have to drop by the gift shop.

Make sure as you are there, drive by the only Corvette Manufacturing Plant.  It is open for tours – on a limited basis.

Maybe no Corvettes, but close to the area, attend an INDY CAR RACE in Nashville.

indy car race winner car

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