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Celebrating Easter This Year and My Menu

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Are things still a bit different around your house this is? For our “dinner” not a lot different. Sometimes we might go out, or have even been traveling.  Here’s how we are Celebrating Easter This Year and My Menu.  What’s your traditions on Easter – breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner?  

A Different kind of Easter

The Easter of 2020 will always be known as “that year we didn’t or couldn’t” ________ (fill in the blank) such as go to church together, have a family dinner, have a community Easter Egg Hunt, visit the Easter Bunny at the mall, or many other family traditions you might have.  Here’s looking so far 2021 is a bit better for many.

I Love Bunnies in Decor

For us, with an older son,  Easter always started with church and maybe new outfits.  The days of Easter Egg Hunts and Bunny pictures are well behind us. I usually do dye a few eggs just for a little decoration.  Thank goodness for all the artificial eggs I’ve collected over the years. And bunnies. I have always loved bunnies not just for Easter.  This is one of my newer ones.  

So what are your plans for the weekend? Although we try to have some sort of normalcy to our lives at this time, most Saturdays might have included a trip to the craft store for me, a record or book store for my husband, then maybe out for a quick bite. Weekends aren’t normal big cooking times for me.

When I do cook on Easter, it usually is ham or turkey, pineapple casserole, some type of potatoes, a green vegetable, some type of salad and rolls. Pretty basic but plenty for us with leftovers for lunches the next week.

If a Ham is too big for you

For our ham, I buy the “ham bone” from Honey Baked Ham quite often. Even getting a half ham is way too much for us. The ham bones are available most of the time, but less here lately. It offers plenty of meat for several meals and sandwiches, the yummy flavoring Honey Baked Ham is known for, and the bone used later in a pot of pinto beans. And one of the best parts of this, they are usually around $9.00. That’s a lot of value to me with all I get out of it.

My Menu

It normally gets “baked” in the Crockpot as much as convenience as anything. The ham bone can be done like this HAM PREPARED IN THE CROCKPOT. You won’t have that pretty ham at the end, but the taste is the same.

Another reason I don’t prepare a large ham is space. With only having a regular refrigerator, there’s not extra freezer space for leftover ham.

Now a family favorite and must on the table. BAKED PINEAPPLE AND CHEESE CASSEROLE. It wouldn’t be a holiday without it. I’m kind of converting my “I hate pineapple” husband over to my side. He loves this. And last night, he even ate a piece of grilled pineapple with dinner. Now maybe I need to make a pineapple upside down cake since he is such a dessert lover.

I think this year I will do the CHEESY SCALLOPED POTATO CASSEROLE. Potatoes are usually something different all the time. Who doesn’t love potatoes in any form? With this and most of the other things I’m making, a lot of the work can be done ahead of time. As the only cook in the family, this helps with not being in the kitchen all day.

A salad I love is the BACON AND BROCCOLI SALAD, but I realized I didn’t order fresh broccoli for grocery pick up. I guess I’ll decide if I want to make a quick trip to Fresh Market for it, or just “use what I have” for something else. I have only been inside Fresh Market twice in the past three weeks, and no other grocery store.

Some type of bread is always on the menu, and having these 2 INGREDIENT FAST AND EASY BISCUITS are great for the ham gravy..

Even with a couple of fails at grocery shopping ahead of time, we will still have a great dinner.

When I asked the guys if they wanted dessert or what, it was “something with Oreos”. My son isn’t a big dessert eater but my husband is, a big dessert isn’t always planned. I think I’m making a version of this SIMPLE LAYERED ICE CREAM DESSERT. That is if I get my Mayfield Vanilla Ice Cream I have ordered. Does anyone remember the Vienetta desserts you could buy?  I’ve heard rumors these are coming back.  This was my homemade version. Please excuse the old pictures.

Anything with chocolate, ice cream and Oreos is always good. Crushed Oreos over ice cream is even a thought. I’ll let you know what I end up with.

More entertaining ideas

A FEW ENTERTAINING IDEAS which might help you out, or to plan ahead to Mother’s Day or those big celebrations we all will have later.

So what’s on your menu? How is it different for you this year, if at all?


Sharing is caring!

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