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20 Patriotic Picnic Foods Perfect For Celebrating Anytime Of The Year

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No matter what time of year, it’s always a good time to have a picnic. Labor Day is this weekend and most think of it as the last official weekend of summer.approaching, why not start planning ahead to have a menu full of patriotic picnic foods that are perfect for sharing? The more that you prepare for your picnic, the more fun and festive food options that you can have! If you’re looking for a few red, white, and blue recipes, here are 20 Patriotic Picnic Foods perfect for celebrating anytime of the year to get your picnic planning started!

Let’s plan for a final blow-out for summer before we bring out our fall decor.


20 Patriotic Picnic Foods Perfect for Celebrating Anytime of the Year

Planning and packing for a picnic has never been easier than with these 20 Patriotic Picnic Food options! Make one, or make ’em all, but rest easy knowing that you’re going to have some truly delicious options for all your picnic food needs! 


Think about all of the upcoming outings for a family you will have attending festivals or going apple picking, here’s an easy picnic on the go idea.



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  1. When my kids were little, my favorite things to cook/bake with them were cookies and pancakes! I think if the kids know they will like the end product, they will be more interested in the process. Of course, who doesn’t like cookies and pancakes? ?

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