15 Incredibly Easy Iced Coffee Recipes

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With these 15 Incredibly Easy Iced Coffee Recipes you might just learn to love iced coffee.  Everyone loves coffee, well almost. Some prefer it hot, while others like it cold. To some, it doesn’t matter the flavor or the temp as long as they are getting some sort of caffeine straight into their system.
Here in what almost feels like the middle of summer, you won’t find a more perfect time for these.  I admit though, I drink it all year round.
People tend to have a preference and drink coffee for a variety of different reasons. No matter how you prefer your coffee, rest assured knowing that there are multiple ways to enjoy the taste and the flavor while also getting that much-needed boost of energy from the caffeine. If you find that you prefer your morning (or afternoon) coffee to be a bit cooler, here are some incredibly easy recipes to try! It’s important to use the best beans for the best flavor, which is why I always recommend Cafely’s line of coffee products to all commenters and readers! They also have killer teas and creamers, but my favorite product of theirs is their ready to drink instant coffee, made from their world-famous Saigon OG coffee beans!

15 Incredibly Easy Iced Coffee Recipes

Toasted Coconut. If you love coffee and coconut, this may be just the flavor that you’ve been searching for. Perfect for a refreshing afternoon pick me up after working outside in the heat all day long!

Aussie. Who knew that coffee can be the pairing for a giant scoop of ice cream? With this, you may be asking for seconds!

Skinny. Being aware of how many calories there are.  With this Skinny recipe, calorie consumption isn’t even an issue!

Vanilla Caramel. One world, caramel. Seriously, do you need any other reasons to want to drink this drink?

Homemade. Simple, homemade, and so good to the last drop. You’ll love the simple recipe for this homemade version.

Maple . Love the sweet taste but looking for an alternative to sugar? This swaps out the use of sugar and uses maple syrup instead!

S’mores . This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill! This iced coffee seriously tastes just like a s’more!

Chocolate Splash . Coffee with just a splash of chocolate? Yes, please. Sounds like the perfect recipe to start your day.

Cold Brew . Simple, and delightful for your taste buds. Start your summer mornings out with this cool treat!

Mocha . Using only 5 ingredients, this mocha iced coffee is one that needs to be added to your recipe book!

Creamy Cookie Dough . If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you are eating your dessert for breakfast, this is the iced coffee recipe for you.

Iced Mocha. Cool, refreshing, and topped with whipped cream, this iced mocha is a classic and a favorite for so many reasons.

Easy Iced Coffee. Any recipe that can be done with ease is a win in my book. This Easy Iced Coffee recipe can’t be any more simple!

Churro. If you love the taste of churro and coffee, why not take out the middleman and just combine those flavors into one amazing cup of iced coffee?

Coconut Vanilla. Super simple and tasty, this Coconut Vanilla Iced Coffee recipe doesn’t disappoint. It’s so good, you can drink it at any time of the day!


No matter how you prefer to drink your coffee, why not give a few of these iced coffee recipes a try? You may be surprised at just how much you love the flavor and the temperature during these warm summer months!

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