13 Beautiful Blackberry Cocktails

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Summertime means berry time, and berry time means that there is an abundance of ripe and fresh blackberries just waiting to be picked! But what happens when you pick those blackberries and just can’t decide a use for them all? You start making cocktails, that’s what happens! Give your taste buds a treat with these fruity, delicious and adult-approved cocktails that are perfect to sip alone or share with friends. Who says that fruit has to be eaten to be enjoyed? You can absolutely drink your fruit as well!

13 Beautiful Blackberry Cocktails 

  • Blackberry Margarita on the Rocks. No cocktail beverage is quite as refreshing as a good ol’ margarita…but when you add fresh blackberries to it? Completely over the top! 
  • Blackberry Coconut Cocktail. Combining the flavors of blackberry and coconut packs quite the punch. Not only does this cocktail taste amazing, but it just screams summer with this flavorful duo.
  • Blackberry Blood Orange Cocktails. If you like your cocktails to have a little more of a citrus taste, this drink recipe won’t disappoint. Plus, this recipe has a little-added surprise that is certain to wow you and your friends.
  • Blackberry Lemon Gin and Tonic. More than likely you’ve tried a Gin and Tonic or two in your life, right? But have you ever added the flavor of blackberry? If not, prepare for a total game changer.
  • Blackberry Gin Martini. A good martini is always a crowd favorite no matter what the flavor, but this blackberry martini may just top the charts. 
  • Blackberry Mojito. Quench that summertime thirst with this delicious cocktail. It’s fruity and flavorful and will be certain to cool you down. 
  • Blackberry Lime Fizz. Fizzy and fun? Yes, please! This cocktail will hit every want and need that you’ve been searching for in an adult beverage! 
  • Blackberry Irish Whisky Sour. Super simple, but absolutely delish. Give this easy recipe a go and see how yummy it truly is! 
  • Blackberry Sage Lemonade. This flavor just can’t be beat. If you have a BBQ or party coming up, make certain to have this as a beverage option for your guests. 
  • Blackberry Vanilla Cocktail. With just a tiny hint of vanilla, the flavor of this cocktail is amazing. You’ll be hooked after just one sip and have no problem making up an extra batch or two to use those blackberries. 
  • Blackberry Sangria. Refreshing and delicious, this cocktail is perfect for a simple summer night or a party full of guests. 
  • Blackberry Lemon Margarita. One can never have too many good margarita recipes on hand. This cocktail is absolutely scrumptious! 
  • Blackberry Coolers. Bookmark this recipe and use it often because during the summer, you’ll love having this little gem to sip on! 

Fear no more about what to do with your abundance of blackberries! These beautiful Blackberry Cocktails may be just what you need! Have fun creating them and sipping away that summertime heat! 

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