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My Special Cinco de Mayo Party Recipes

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Is Cinco de Mayo really a holiday?  Well, any excuse to have great food is a holiday to me.  My Special Cinco de Mayo Party Recipes can make a party on May 5th, or any day of the year.  Many of these will become family favorites for a get-together or just a night at home.

My Special Cinco de Mayo Party Recipes

My Special Cinco de Mayo Party Recipes

I have included 2 Chicken Fajita recipes, one prepared in a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet and the other in a Sheet Pan. Both are great with a couple of seasoning options. I will admit it’s hard to choose a favorite. The Cast Iron version will remind you of a restaurant style more, especially if you served them in a sizzling skillet.

Sizzling Chicken Fajitas

My Special Cinco de Mayo Party Recipes

Sheet Pan Chili Lime Beef Fajitas


Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

My Special Cinco de Mayo Party Recipes bowl fajitas

It would be easy to change either of these up by doing just vegetables, or add steak or shrimp.

Another recipe to make in a cast iron skillet is The Ultimate Skillet achos. Add any of your favorite toppings to these just as you would either Fajita recipe.

Ultimate Skillet Nachos

skillet nachos my home and travels

These can be a meal in itself, or maybe a party food.

Verde Salsa 


Taco Bar Corn Salad

taco corn salad and dip my home and travels

Now to have a drink. This Creamy Margarita is an easy change from the traditional Margarita you might enjoy.

Creamy Margarita

creamy margarita my home and travels

Spicy Mango Salsa

spicy mango salsa my home and travels

Southwest Breakfast Casserole           

slowcooker-southwestern-breakfast-casserole-my-home-and-travels plated

How did you like My Special Cinco de Mayo Party Recipes?

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? It seems we all need an excuse to have a celebration so plan on this for a fun time.

Do you have a favorite TexMex or Mexican food or recipe? Let me know and I would love to share others.

When traveling, especially to one of our favorite states of Texas, we always look for local, authentic Mexican or TexMex food.  Do you have a restaurant suggestion?  We are heading to Texas in May.


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