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Super Simple Cocoa Bar

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With the recent snow, not so much for Chattanooga, it always make you want a cup of cocoa. Or do you call it hot chocolate? Here’s my super simple cocoa bar on my beverage/wine crate in the corner of my kitchen.

A few Santa mugs, candy canes and cocoa mix is all you need. These mugs were found at Dollar Tree last year. I was hoping they would have the Snowman again this yer but no luck.

I did place a few of the mugs on a pedestal cake stand just to add some height.

Admission here – the cocoa are actually packs which were emptied into mason jars. It’s approximately 3 tablespoons needed for a cup. I’m on the hunt for a cute spoon to add to my bar.  There are a lot of great mixes on the market.  

Simple tags were added with chalkboard tags and ribbon I had on hand.

Sometimes a little vignette can be as cute as something which took hours to do and lots of thoughts. Keeping it simple is always good.

If I was doing this for a party or company, I would add a lot of different toppings such as crushed peppermints, mini marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, flavored syrups, and mini chocolate chips.

Who’s ready for a cup of cocoa?

Here’s a few recipes for some “fancy” hot chocolate.

Sharing is caring!

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