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14 Pumpkin Projects for Adults

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If you’re anything like me, you’re an adult that likes to craft. These 14 Pumpkin Projects for Adults are certain to keep you entertained and preparing for fall for hours!  It’s a great way to add a little more elegance to your decor than a standard orange pumpkin.

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I love autumn. The crisp air, the fun decorations, and everything pumpkin everywhere you look….it just brings a smile to my fall-loving heart. This is why this year, I’m creating some of my very own DIY fall decors. And since I love pumpkins, it just makes sense that I take charge and create some of my own pumpkin projects.

Care to join in on the fun? Here are 14 pumpkin projects for adults that I’m certain you’re going to love!

14 Pumpkin Projects for Adults

Each of these pumpkin projects is easy to do and can be accomplished easily by you! 

Concrete Pumpkins by Anika’s DIY Life

Succulent Pumpkin Topiary by Lydi Out Loud

Fabric Pumpkins by The Unoriginal Mom

Wood Porch Pumpkins by DIY Beautify

Cinderella Inspired Fabric Pumpkins by Hearth and Vine

Pumpkin Vases by Houseology

Sweater Sleeve Pumpkins  by DIY Beautify

Chinoiserie Pumpkins  by Stone Gable Blog

Faux Mercury Glass  by Practically Functional

Scarf Pumpkins by Refabbed

Easy Cement Pumpkins by A Night Owl

Glam Pumpkin Makeover by Sweet Silly Sara

Pallet Pumpkin Trio by Handyman’s Daughter


So, what do you say? Are you ready to get your creative brain on and jump right into crafting these pumpkin projects? 

There are so many great ideas here that you can’t pass them up! And if you get started now, you can easily get them all done and created before Halloween arrives. Imagine how beautiful your home will look when it’s decked from head to toe in everything pumpkin? And instead of running out to the store and buying them there, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and create.

What pumpkin activity for adults do you like the most?


I think you have realized by now, these aren’t your typical orange but almost more “designer” type pumpkins which could be quite expensive in a home decor shop.

Here’s a couple I’ve done in the past.

No Plain Pumpkins When You Can DIY Them

Loving Copper Pumpkins For The Fall




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