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Succulent Pumpkin Planter Using a Faux Pumpkin And Succulents

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It’s still a bit early for real pumpkins although some places are starting to get them in.  If you try to decorate with them, they may not make it through the fall, but using Faux Pumpkins will.    This Succulent Pumpkin Planter Using A Faux Pumpkin And Succulents is perfect for this time of year.

How many have used these Dollar Tree Pumpkins?  It’s hard to count how many creative ways they’ve been used.

faux succulent pumpkin planter my home and travels pinterest image


Faux succulents are my thing

I have tried growing real succulents in the past and they lasted a while but I think I watered them too much, then not enough.  I have never claimed to have a green thumb.  Do you consider yourself with a green thumb? 

Making this succulent pumpkin planter with a faux pumpkin and succulents worked out great.

I am considering trying a real pumpkin and plants closer to Thanksgiving.  I’ll let you know how that works. 


Choosing The Faux Pumpkin and Succulents

Faux pumpkins have grown increasingly popular in the past as many loves to decorate earlier and earlier for each season.  You can find them in almost any shape and size, and even colors in any craft store, online, or my favorite place – Dollar Tree.  They also have them in white and black this year but I made this before they came out.

faux succulent and pumpkin planter my home and travels dollar tree pumpkin

These are cheap to use and experiment with and can be painted – but NO SPRAY PAINT.  You will dissolve the pumpkin with this.

Most any other kind of craft or latex paint will work.  It’s a great way to use up a little leftover paint.  I had Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint on hand so that worked out well. 

I was going with Clean Canvas, a great, pure white.  A little hint when painting over bright or dark colors to white or a light color, paint a coat of gray on to act as a primer.  This will cut down on the number of coats you will need.  Just follow the manufacturers direction for you paint.

faux succulent and pumpkin planter my home and travels black dog salvage furniture paint

Faux succulents, just like pumpkins are easier, and cheaper to find these days.  They come in such a variety of sizes and colors, it’s easy to find something to fit your project.  Even small ones can be found at Dollar Tree.

faux succulent and pumpkin planter my home and travels choosing succulents variety

This pumpkin can take a few more than you think, so if you don’t have any on hand, you might want to buy a few extra.  You can always return them if you don’t need them. 


Preparing Your Faux Pumpkin

This Styrofoam pumpkin is easy to cut just using a serrated knife.  You might consider an electric knife or jigsaw for larger and thicker pumpkins. 

The top wasn’t kept from this pumpkin but if you are using one with a realistic looking stem, keep it for future projects.

Draw a line around the pumpkin top.  You can even use a jar for a precise circle but it won’t be showing.

Cut out your circle and you are ready to paint if you don’t want it orange.

faux succulent and pumpkin planter my home and travels using serrated knife

It only took one coat of gray and one white to get a color I was happy with.

After drying between coats and thoroughly dried it was ready to fill with succulents.

I found using potting soil made it easier to arrange the succulents as opposed to a Styrofoam insert. 

faux succulent and pumpkin planter my home and travels filling with soil


Arranging Your Succulents

Insert your succulents and arrange until you are happy with the layout.   If you are trying a few different arrangements, snap a picture of each as you try them.  

faux succulent and pumpkin planter my home and travels sorting succulents

This was going on a table, so it needed to be arranged to be seen from all sides. 

After you have all the succulents arranged, add moss to give it a more filled looked.  You might have this on hand or pick it up at the craft store or Dollar Tree.

faux succulent and pumpkin planter my home and travels final arrangement


Making a Permanent Arrangement

If you want to keep this for next year, use a Styrofoam insert inside the pumpkin.  You can use a craft glue like E6000 or a low temp glue gun to hold your succulents and moss in place.


Could You Use Fresh Plants or Flowers?

Yes you could.  One of the easiest ways is to use Floral Styrofoam inside a vase or glass which fits into your pumpkin. 

Cut a hole in your pumpkin which your glass container would fit then arrange the flowers.  Add it to your pumpkin. 

This would be a great centerpiece and you could easily change out the flowers as needed.


Here’s a few more Fall Ideas for you to try.

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  1. This turned out super cute! I don’t blame you for using fake ones – they are so hard to grow and harder to keep alive… haha (I’ve killed enough of them in my day).

  2. What a fantastic idea. I love that you used a pumpkin as the planter. I think I am totally going to use your idea 🙂

  3. I love those pumpkins from Dollar Tree! I have so many of them that I’ve painted. When I saw the top photo, I thought the succulents were real! I have some real ones and they are a pain to keep alive. I’m like you, I overwater and then underwater. I like your faux succulents much better!

  4. What a great idea. I’ve seen these pumpkins at Dollar Tree but never thought of re-purposing them as planters. Very creative. Thanks for sharing, I may just have to try this.

  5. OMG this came out SO cute! I absolutely love this idea and how it came out. Never would have thought of something so cute like this! I have to try it out!

  6. I love how this turned out. I will have to get the supplies I need to make one this weekend. I know the perfect spot to put it.

  7. Wow. What a cute DIY project. I have real succulents in little pots. I think placing them beside a DIY project like this would be nice!Those plastic ones look just like my live ones!

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