12 Appealing Asparagus Recipes

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Ah, asparagus. The seasonal vegetable that tastes amazing cooked so many different ways. Grilled, roasted or even added to a simple stir-fry, you just can’t go wrong when you spruce up your meals with asparagus. Some prefer it whole, while others like it chopped and diced and added as more of an accent of flavor. Whatever you prefer, it’s totally up to you!  I actually didn’t start loving it until a few years ago.  I don’t remember my Mother ever serving it.  
If you’re lucky enough to have it growing in your garden, you may be wondering what variety of recipes you can make with all that asparagus. Rest assured, there are a ton of amazing recipes out there, but here are a few of my most favorite!

12 Appealing Asparagus Recipes

  • Roasted Asparagus Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Grilled cheese and asparagus combined are a flavor powerhouse to be reckoned with. Who knew that this duo was even a possibility? Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids to eat their greens!
  • Sausage Asparagus Skillet Recipe with Quinoa. Looking for a hearty meal that is certain to leave you satisfied? This delicious recipe can be eaten for lunch or dinner, and would taste great as leftovers as well. 
  • Asparagus Kielbasa Bow Tie Pasta. Pasta is such a versatile ingredient that it goes good with just about anything. This combination of flavors and ingredients is perfect for a summer night dinner! 
  • Honey Mustard Asparagus Bacon Bundles. If you like a little sweet with your veggies, this is the recipe for you. Honey Mustard, aparagus and bacon all wrapped up in a nice neat little package? Absolutely! 
  • Asparagus Soup. Did you know that it was possible to make a soup with asparagus as the main ingredient? If not, treat your taste buds asap so that they can know what they’ve been missing out on. 
  • Creamed Asparagus. The texture and flavor of this asparagus dish is absolutely wonderful. It’s perfect to serve with BBQ or as a side dish for any meal. 
  • Oven Roasted Asparagus with Whipped Ricotta. Is there anything as simple as roasting asparagus in the oven? It’s such a nice compliment for any lunch or dinner. 
  • Asparagus Leek Quiche. Who says that asparagus has to be for lunch or dinner only? With these tasty quiche recipe, you can enjoy it as soon as you wake up! 
  • Phyllo Wrapped Asparagus. Like a little crunch with your asparagus? These have it and so much more! Perfect to serve as an appetizer or a later afternoon snack! 
  • Lemon Parmesan Grilled Asparagus. Sometimes, all you need to do when cooking is to keep it simple. The flavor of these grilled asparaguses are truly and simply easy, but oh so tasty! 
  • Asparagus, Mint and Lemon Leek Cream Spaghettini. One word will describe your first bite of this dish…wow. The way that the mint and the lemon compliment this pasta and asparagus dish is a flavor that you absolutely must try. 
  • Asparagus and Feta Crustless Quiche. Feta and asparagus go hand in hand when it comes to making an amazing tasting quiche! 

With these delicious and creative asparagus recipes, you should have no problem finding ways to use up all that asparagus from your garden! The best part? Each recipe is a unique taste and flavor that will keep your taste buds begging for more. 


Sharing is caring!

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