Booth Western Art Museum – Cartersville, Georgia

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Located just an hour south of Chatanooga in Cartervilles, Georgia,  lies the Booth Western Art Museum.  This is not only a great exhibit to be able to view the West without leaving the South, but it’s also the place that houses the largest permanent exhibit of Western American art in the entire country.

Many of the Booth Western Art exhibits are permanent, but there are some that are temporary and do get rotated in and out. Some examples of past exhibits that have been showcased there are Ansel Adam’s photographs and the art of Andy Warhol.

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Began by a local family to Cartersville, it’s now known around the country and is consistently voted a top Museum, not just in the South, but the USA.   It’s an affiliate of The Smithsonian Institution.

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With over 120,000 square feet, it’s impressive in size and exhibits and has the title of being the “second largest art museum in the state of Georgia.”

A few of the exhibits that you’ll see once you arrive are the Hardin Cowboy Gallery, Civil War art and the Presidential Gallery as well.

There are Booth Western Art Museum tours that can be signed up for and taken, or you can easily explore on your own.

Booth Western Art Museum Events and Experiences

One of the biggest reasons that people plan a visit here is that you’re able to immerse yourself in the experience. Not only do the Booth Western Art Museum hours offer great times to explore and see everything, but for those who grew up loving and watching TV shows and movies about Westerns, it’s like taking a step back in time.

How many of you grew up pretending to be a cowboy?

There is a reason that this Booth Western Art Museum is viewed as one of the greatest art museums and is currently on the leading edge of great exhibits and collaborations. The Booth Western Art Museum staff do a great job at showcasing various people and events in a way that can draw in the crowd.

My Favorite Exhibits

I loved all the sculptures, especially those of horses and metal.

booth western art museum my home and travels the flag bearer
The Flag Bearer

booth western art museum my home and travels

booth western art museum my home and travels

booth western art museum my home and travels


Around the Exhibits

booth-western-art-museum-my-home-and-travels red bird
Red Bird – Known as a Mud Wagon



Cowboy and Native American Art


Honoring our Presidents

booth-western-art-museum-my-home-and-travels presidents


Planning a Visit to the Booth Western Art Museum

Closed on Mondays, but convenient hours every other day of the week.

Why not make a day of your trip? The Town of Cartersville not only has the Booth Western Art Museum but also the Tellus Science Museum as well.

Even if you aren’t a car person, Savoy Auto Museum is a great stop to enjoy also.  See my review below.

Be sure to check out the lovely downtown area that is filled with antique shopping, galleries, and more. You’ll also find a wide variety of fun dining options for your party, too.

Parking is free to visit – always a great bonus.  

Need a cup of coffee or lunch, Blevins Bistro is the perfect place to have this.


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They host several events each month for the whole family.  EVENTS HERE

Fun Facts about Booth Western Art Museum

The fun part about planning a visit to this art museum is that the exhibits are rotated every 3-4 months. This means that you can visit more often, and possibly see up to 15 different exhibits throughout the year.

Some of the artists are family members of those who are royalty in the Western world, while other artists are self-taught. The museum does a great job of showcasing various types of art and artists.

If you want to take a Booth Western Art Museum tour, tours begin at 1:30 PM daily. Be sure that you check the hours and events and make sure that there are no deviations.

For further information, be sure to visit their WEBSITE for the latest updates and information. You can also follow the Museum’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.  You can also take a virtual tour.

You can buy Booth Western Art Museum tickets at the door but advance tickets are recommended. Be sure to check online for the latest exhibits and offerings.

Visit Cartersville

Cartersville is one of those hidden gems which needs to be discovered by those traveling along I-75 between Chattanooga and Atlanta.  Make plans to get off the interstate for a few hours and check out all it has to offer from museums, to restaurants, to a cute town square.

While in Cartersville, we enjoyed the SAVOY AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM with plans to return as they have changing exhibits several times a year.


Then, off to a great lunch at TABLE 20 NEIGHBORHOOD BISTRO.

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