The Many Layers of A Christmas Tree

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Last night I attended a special event at Ace Hardware in East Brainerd.  The Christmas Tree has always been “my thing” when decorating our home for Christmas.  My normal routine for Christmas decor is to use it about three years then completely change it up.  Although in those three years, a few new things would be added, certain items being placed in a new location, and the mantel was never the same year to year.  I really have got where I enjoy decorating the mantel almost, just almost, as much as the tree.

Now don’t think that I’m getting ready to show you pictures of my tree – it doesn’t go up until after Thanksgiving.  I just haven’t given in on that yet although I’m seeing on Facebook those who have already decorated for Christmas.

Trevor Bey of Holiday Creations, who is a representative for Melrose, showed about 50 attendees how to layer and create a magnificent tree.  I hate I wasn’t in a spot to get great pictures during all of the steps.  For more of Trevor’s information check out

You can see from the pictures of the finished tree, how he used especially large items and candles for a dramatic affect.  Did you know you could get remote controlled candles?  I learn something new everyday.

Layers can include filler, such as pine branches, holly, leaves and berries.  Linear, using branches to create linear lines and providing hanging opportunities for ornaments.  Mass will be large flowers, picks, and ribbon.  Ornaments, whether it is your large ornaments placed deep in the branches to add depth, or your specialty and sentimental ones added each year.

Along with trying larger items in my tree, the other two main points I learned was making a loopy bow, which works well for a tree or wreath, and it takes much less ribbon than a traditional bow, and hanging ornaments from the filler, such as berries or other branches.  I normally have only hung them from the tree itself.

Here’s a few close ups.   It really made me want to come home and dig out my Christmas Tree, but that’s for another day.

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