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Painted Chocolate Easter Bunny

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Make this Painted Chocolate Easter Bunny with just spray paint.  It looks so real and it’s no-calorie and non-fat.   

Painted Chocolate Easter Bunny

This Painted Chocolate Easter Bunny is so easy

With Chocolate Brown spray paint from Ace Hardware of course and you get a very realistic painted chocolate Easter Bunny.

Painted Chocolate Easter Bunny my home and travels


Almost anything can be spray painted as long as you use the proper type.
Ceramic is usually pretty easy  to paint.  Sometimes at this time of year the hardest part is finding a warm, somewhat sunny day with no wind.  
Make sure any item you paint is clean and dry.  Look for bunnies at yard sales or thrift stores all year long.
Painted Chocolate Easter Bunny my home and travels
With any painted project, several lighter coats are better than one heavy.  If you spray too heavy, you will always get runs.
Paint according to directions on the can for painting and prep.  And check drying time as it can vary.
Painted Chocolate Easter Bunny my home and travels

What else can you spray paint?

For Easter, think about eggs and even chickens to make a great chocolate display.  It won’t melt.

Looks good enough to eat

If you think these look like real chocolate in the pictures, you should see them in real life.   It has fooled several people when they saw it.

Painted Chocolate Easter Bunny my home and travels
For a few more Easter projects.


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