I’ve Endured: Women in Old-Time Music Special Exhibit at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum

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Exploring the history of country music is a great way to understand how it has progressed over the years. Now is the perfect time to see I’ve Endured:  Women in Old-Time Music Special Exhibit at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum it’s gone at this location.

There are plans for this to become a traveling exhibit but no dates have been announced.  Since it’s an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, there are high hopes. 


The fun part about visiting this museum in Bristol, Virginia,  is that it’s home to various educational and historical events, with some that are permanent and others that are special or rotate in and out. 

Located in downtown Bristol, Virginia, The Birthplace of Country Music Museum currently has a display honoring the women who have impacted and changed music.   Open until December 31, 2023, you can view the displays and read the stories about the successes of how these women helped to change the way that we know music today. 


Women in Old-Time Music Special Exhibit

It’s hard to imagine the world any different than it is today, but it was very different back then, especially for females in many areas, including music. 


Women weren’t encouraged to follow their passions of music and dancing but instead were expected to stay home and raise the family and tend to the responsibilities of the home. 

There were many women who were forced to give up their dreams by their spouses and church and overall had less of a chance to have a music career than the men. 


This is where this special exhibit does an amazing job of showcasing the stories and successes that women were able to do. Follow along with their journeys, lives, and stories. (you’ll find yourself actually cheering them along all the way!)

Who does this exhibit showcase? 

While this isn’t an all-inclusive list, some of the names that you’ll read and learn about are:

  • Mother Maybelle Carter
  • Sara Carter
  • Ola Belle Reed
  • Elizabeth Cotten
  • Lily May Ledford
  • Hazel Dickens
  • Etta Baker
  • Alice Gerrard

How many of these names do your recognize?  Me – not that many.  It was very interesting to read about many of these at the exhibit.

“Mother” Maybelle Carter – One of the most familiar names on this list is Mother Maybelle Carter.  She was such a force of nature in the early years leading the way for other female musicians.  She was one of the first to use the Carter scratch to make the guitar a lead instrument.

bristol-birthplace-of-country-music-my-home-and-travels maybelle carter and family

Many will always associate her with being the mother of June Cash, wife of Johnny Cash. 

Women of Country Music

There are also others that are highlighted as well. Each female that is discussed and showcased does an impeccable job at highlighting how they changed the way that women can move forward in a world that wanted to try to hold them back. 


You’ll learn about a wide variety of women, as well as tidbits of their lives and stories. Each story is unique and different, but all have the common thread of overcoming to follow a passion for their love of country music. 


If you’re a fan of music and how it’s changed and grown over the past few decades, add this exhibit to your must-see list before it’s gone!

Is this exhibit good for all ages? 

Taking the family to this exhibit would be a great experience. There are still barriers to this day that females face in a world led by men, so letting everyone see the struggles and battles that women have overcome is a great way to show how strong and resilient women truly are. 


You could always visit the museum a couple of times and immerse yourself in all that it has to offer. Since this exhibit is only here until the end of December, there are many other options in terms of exhibits that the family should see. 

Instruments also played a big part in making women in music today.


Do I need to book in advance? 

It’s always a good idea to get your ticket in advance, as you never know if there will be a large crowd. Educational exhibits tend to ebb and flow with traffic and visitors, so securing a ticket in advance is a simple step to take to ensure that you’re able to see the exhibit without issue. 

This is a great exhibit to see and explore while in the area. The museum does a fantastic job at highlighting this time in our history in a way that is unknown to many. 

Visiting The Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Throughout the Museum, exhibits are constantly changing so it’s a great place to visit every time you are in the area.  

Visiting The Birthplace of Country Music Museum

If you are a fan of original country music, along with Bluegrass, Bristol is a great place to visit.

Where to stay?  Just down the street from the Museum if The Bristol Hotel.  It has to be the place to stay.  Right now, they offer free tickets to the Museum with your stay.  Read about our wonderful “suite” stay HERE.

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