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Are there any words that can be said that hasn’t been already?  My town was attacked on 7/16/15 by one of it’s own citizens.  He graduated from a local high school and college but something went wrong.  I’m not going to focus on this horrible young man.  We are #chattanoogastrong #noogastrongmy town

I was out of town, so didn’t see any live coverage of this event, but looking back at video, to see the only traffic was police cars and ambulances, with police officers having drawn weapons on the side of the road, you think “This can’t be happening”.  To think of armed men riding along on the bumpers of trucks, was unreal.


I, along with most other people think it will never happen to me.  I used to say that I would just stay in Chattanooga when I would see all of these attacks on people in especially foreign lands, then in places like New York, but never in a city like Chattanooga.  Well, it can happen to you.

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This is not going to be political, but is everything being done to stop what are now known as terrorists?  No.  How was he missed?  Why wasn’t he on the radar by the government?  So far, I’ve not heard that answered.  Could the next terrorist be living next door to you – YES they could be.  You could be looking into the face of one sitting in a restaurant, church, or while you are at work.  

Have these fallen heroes been honored in the way they deserve – No.  As I have heard reported the shooter was a Muslim.  I don’t know a lot about their religion, beliefs and customs but that day was a Muslim holiday.  The Empire State Building in New York chose to celebrate it by having on green lights.  Shame on them.  

I have not seen any coverage if the President called any type of special news conference about this horrific event.  It was mentioned, but this was not just an attack on Chattanooga, it was an attack on all of us – the US and all their citizens and our Military.  Those who choose to serve and protect their country.  

I want to honor those five who lost their lives and how this heinous event touched so many lives.   

Four Marines lost their lives doing their job, something each chose to do.  Then on Saturday, a young sailor, Randall Smith, succumbed to his injuries.  He went to church with a guy who  does some yard work for me.  A father of 3 young girls.victims

There was a policeman injured.  I recognized him as someone who used to come in to the hospital where I worked in the ER.

More stories of how close it was.  A friend of our son’s, whom I have met, has a brother who had joined the Air Force, and was in the office getting ready to leave off the next day for basic training.  His father had just left the office.  If the shooter had entered the Air Force office first, he probably would have been killed.  

Other cities have taken time to honor and remember my town.


So many donations are being given to these families.  Prayer vigils all over the city and country are being held.  A group was giving away cupcakes but asking for donations to go directly to families of the victims.


At both locations, memorials have been set up which we visited today.crowds


Someone left a purple heart on Friday and it’s still there. purple heart

Four empty chairs was set up at a local restaurant – the manager is a former Marine.  I’m sure a 5th chair was added.  This has been done in numerous restaurants and bars around town.

bar stools

So many celebrities call Chattanooga home or have spent time here.  They are offering their own thoughts and prayers for our town.  Peyton Manning visited one of the shooting sites over the weekend.  This bus stopped off from a trip to pay their respects.



Although not many mentions from the White House or the Government, all national media people was in town.  I did recognize John Roberts.

john roberts

Can we live in fear all the time?  No but being more cautious and aware is going to be everyone’s job.  If you have a feeling something is wrong, it could be.  

Sometimes these events are random.  Could he have come into the hospital where my husband works, into the car dealership where my son works, or even into the hotel where I was, Yes – this could have happened to any of us.  Why did it happen at the recruitment offices?  I don’t know and not sure anyone else does at this point.  Muslim Extremist are know to target Military and Police.

Everyone has opinions on how things are handled and these are my own.  

What can be done?  If I had the answer, I would do it.  But something has to be done to protect our country, whether our citizens are within the US or abroad.  

For now, PRAY.pray

 #noogastrong  #chattanoogastrong

***Almost a year later – millions has been raised for the families, the police officer got back to work just in the last few months, memorials have been made and a ceremony is planned on 7/16 this year.  One of the most tragic things is, these types of tragedies keep happening.  

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  1. I Pray for you everyday and you are right it can happen anywhere and at any time. As I had a friend leaving New York the day of 911 thank God she made it home safely. Plus I lost a cousin in the Oklahoma Bombing. Next it could be next door to either you or me. So Please Bow your heads and Pray for this madness to stop.

  2. I can’t believe any American would want to do harm to the country that provides them the freedoms they have. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  3. This was such tragic news! I have a good friend who lives near Chattanooga and we talked about the news as it broke during the day. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families.

  4. This story broke my heart and it does seem to be different when its close to home. You are right. We can’t live in fear because that means evil has won. We need to pray for our country and hope someday all this will stop.

  5. This was such a horrible tragedy. I know about tragedy striking your hometown – I grew up in Oklahoma City, and felt the bombing when it happened. Hope and healing to your town.

  6. Last Thursday was truly a terrifying and tragic day for our beautiful city. We have lived in the northern end of the city for over 50 years and my heart aches for the innocent victims, their precious families, and our devastated community. Thank you for sharing this on your blog and encouraging your readers to join us in prayer.
    We WILL honor the fallen, in spite of disrespect from those who chose ignorance.

  7. Our world is becoming a very scary place. It’s sad so many people are turning to violence and committing these acts of terrorism. No place is safe and you’ll truly never know who you’re living next to. My heart is so heavy these days with everything that is taking place in our country. I’ve definitely been praying for better days to come for all of us.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to call this out and acknowledge that it can happen in our own communities. It used to feel like it would only happen far away in other war-torn countries, but it’s getting closer to home. I don’t know how to avoid these situations, but by raising awareness so we are reminded and keep an open eye, is a good start. Bless the 5 that lost their lives last week!

  9. Luckily I was not working around the corner on 911 the day those planes took out the twin towers–bit I know people who were, people who are still alive and some who did not make it. Yes, I feel for the people of Chattanooga–it is a terrible feeling to suddenly lose your innocence. And I pray that everyone will find peace in their own wa like all New Yorker’s have had to do.

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with your town as well as the victims friends and family. I just don’t understand how anyone could want to hurt innocent victims.

  11. It’s so very sad what happened. When I heard about this on the news my heart broke for all the families of the victims:-/

  12. I’m starting to think that we already live in an age of terrorism. It’s really tragic what happened there last year but it’s nice to see a community unite to honor the heroes of the community.

  13. It’s always hard to understand why someone would do such a thing. I live 120 miles from the World Trade Center, so I’m familiar with the “what if I was there that day” type of feeling. It’s heartbreaking and very eerie.

  14. My prayers and condolences to the families and friends of the victims. Hope this kind of attacks stops right now.

  15. So so sad. This is political. Life is political. We have ALL been distracted by same sex marriage, gay rights, blah blah, (let’s ALL leave that alone) and start focusing on the real problems that actually cause real death and destruction. I speak this as a conservative who would like to see ALL true Americans come together to know, understand we have an enemy that is threaded by radical beliefs and they have no end to where they will go. They throw gay people off buildings, and mutilate women, so my prayer is that we understand this and unite our America is getting tough. By the way, Rosemary, he lived in my town of Franklin for a while, a place I deem very safe (usually).

    1. Thanks Angela. I hadn’t heard he lived there but there is so much more coming out that isn’t a surprise to most.

      Wake up America – it can happen anywhere, and it’s going to unless something is done. Has to start from the top and it hasn’t.

  16. I can only imagine how hard this would hurt if it hit so close to home. I’ve spent some time in Chattanooga, but not as much as you. Remember that all Muslims didn’t create this act of terrorism, but that it was one individual who sided with radicals.

    1. If you think I was saying all Muslims, that is wrong. There is good and bad in all groups. In that sentence I was actually talking about the Empire State Building honoring that day. As you may have heard by now, evidence does show the shooter had ties to these radical groups, which was suspected all along.

  17. Watching this on the news just broke my heart. Its said that we as a people can not live our every day lives without worrying is someone is going to come at us in a crazy way. I love the the community has come together to memorialize these beautiful souls who died from a senseless act of violence

  18. It’s truly a sad situation! Sadly, there’s no such thing as a safe place. I could state numerous events where individuals snapped at any given moment at places that were once deemed as safe (i.e. churches, schools, theaters, etc.) despite a person’s background, but I won’t. It’s happening everyday throughout the world. We can’t always live in fear, though.

  19. We have always thought we were save where we were but in reality anything can happen and it does. Prayers go out to the soldiers families and friends as well as this city. I have drove through Chattanooga as well as spent a couple hours in the city. It is a beautful place. Thanks for sharing..

  20. This is so sad. I saw it in the news and my heart goes to the families of the victims. It’s so hard to understand why someone would do this. I hope and pray that this will not happen again.

  21. i saw this on the news. i can’t believe it but you are absolutely right it can happen to any of us. Nowadays you never know who to trust or be afraid of. We live everyday with no promise of tomorrow but in hopes that tomorrow will come. its a shame when people like that take that hope away and give us fear instead. My prayers are with you & your town <3

  22. It is really unfortunate that this has to happen. And I feel sorry for the lost lives. But knowing that their efforts are not for naught, it makes people feel proud of having gone through difficult times. I love your final verdict on this one-pray, and pray fervently.

  23. I grew up an Air Force brat and have friends who are recruiters for different branches as well. This story broke my heart as well; I can’t imagine the pain your community is in. I think it’s amazing the nation as a whole is coming together for Chattanooga.

  24. I can barely believe what is going on in the world today! i try to always focus on the positive people and the positive things that surround me! As the rest of the world to me is genuinely scary!

  25. I like the idea presented by the freedom cupcakes. In the society, we have all sorts and kinds of people from different backgrounds and we all contribute for the benefit of everyone. Fighting for freedom is a great cause and giving away donations to victims show a big heart.

  26. I saw this on the news. My heart breaks for the families of the victims. It’s so hard to understand what goes through the mind of someone who does something like this. My prayers go out to the victims.

  27. It was shocking! It is so sad for those families who lost their loved ones. Mourning with those who mourn in Chattanooga and the family and friends. You are right. We feel safe; it couldn’t happen here. Then it does. Finally the flag was lowered over the White House. Thank you for this well written post. Linda

  28. I watched the news story on this and I have a friend that lives in Chattanooga. I don’t know if enough can every be done without infringing on people’s personal rights, but I do think we have to figure out a better system than the current one because its not working. This is scary no matter where you live. I hope the community there in Chattanooga can come together for the fallen and their families. Very very sad.

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