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Going to the Dogs – Salvage Dawgs

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My husband and I are DIY junkies – me to actually do it, him to help when forced to, but likes watching it on TV more.  Favorite show – Salvage Dawgs.  

Recently we made a trip to Roanoke, VA to attend a record show (Don is a collector), visit family, and to visit Black Dog Salvage.door sign

Although it was a wet and dreary weekend, it didn’t dampen our spirits, just messed up some of the photo ops and tours.marquee
On Saturday we visited the shop to explore.  One of those places where you see so many items which you may have once owned or wish you still had.  Plus several things you will recognize from the show such as the rocket ship which greets you as you pull into the parking lot.
Remember the VW van which had one side gone?  I heard it was Tay’s baby project and look at it now.
vw tags
vw truck
The hall of doors – oh what fun we could have with some of these.door collage
Don found a new friend behind the bar – this will be featured in an upcoming episode.   We asked about the seat which had been made out of a boat but it was on loan for an event.
boat bar
 Stacks of old ceiling tiles, door plates, metal scrolls.  This is a DIYer paradise.more tilestilesdoor platesmetal scrollsAlong with all of the salvage items, there are many individual vendors in the Marketplace selling handmade items, paint, works of art.outside 3 – I spotted General Finishes, holiday decor, whimsical items, to these fine wood cutting boards..gf paint
vintage towel
woodwork cut board
silver pumpkins
pipe lamp
One of my favorite items, which I almost bought was a lamp made from old wood crutches.  I have been wanting a large tripod lamp, and wouldn’t you know I used to have 2 pairs of crutches.  Now to find and buy again.crutch light

We met beautiful Grayson.  What a lovely young woman she is.  Did you know she once was a stand in for Brooke Shields in a movie?  As the only female on the salvage crew, you quickly discover she can hold her own with the guys.  She also loves making jewelry from some of her salvaged finds.grayson

Of course Don couldn’t leave without a few new albums and 45s.
We got to look around a bit in between rain showers. 

This is one of those places you could walk around all day and still not see everything.  I can’t wait to go back.

Look for Part 2 of this visit – it will include an interview with The Crew, a look inside their shop, pictures of the stars of the shop – Sally & Molly, plus a few more of the treasures we found.groupTo make sure you see the follow up post and everything from Not Just Paper and Paint, sign up for email notifications

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Sharing is caring!

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      1. I’m so excited, you posted a picture of my booth at Black Dog Salvage. I feel so honored to have a spot there. I love to talk to people from all over the country when I’m there working in my booth. So glad you enjoyed your visit and thanks for a lovely post. Hurry back!

  1. Oh, my – I could get lost in that place. I would love to spend a few days there. I love all those cutting boards. I want the XL one! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. I LOVE IT they have a little bit of everything!! I am a huge DIY person too, I am always looking for ways to put my own personal touch on things.

  3. Oh wow, I could go broke in there. The wood cutting boards look amazing and the lamp for crutches proves you don’t ever have to throw anything out.

  4. I’ve never watched this show but I love home focused entertainment and am in love with so many vintage things. This looks like it would be such a fun experience.

  5. Salvage Dawgs looks like such a fun place to explore and find things you can’t find anywhere else. I lived in Roanoke long ago and would love to visit this shop when I finally get to visit again.

  6. What a cool place. I would love to visit there myself. I would be broke because I already seen so many great items from your pictures. haha.

  7. What a great place to visit. I know my dad and hubby would really love to go there. They love places like that.

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