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Come From Away – A Musical Production about Gander, Newfoundland

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9/11/2001 – How much do you remember?  Come From Away is a great musical based on how the residents of Gander, Newfoundland basically welcomed over 6,500 people to their town of 11,000 on that day.  Most were stranded for about five days.


It’s coming to Chattanooga this weekend for three shows.  Do you want to win 2 tickets?  See details below.

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When the airspace of the USA was closed, there was 238 planes sent to Canada and 38 of these to the Gander International Airport.  As the world was watching, the staff of Gander Airport knew they would be impacted as it’s an international airport and the closest between the USA and Europe.

Residents of Gander help the Come From Away

The residents, including the Red Cross, jumped into action on how these 6,500 people would get taken care of.  With only about 500 hotel rooms, they were reserved for the pilots and crews of the airlines.  Some passengers were stuck on the plane for many hours while transportation and plans could be made.

Photo courtesy,Chris Crockwell, Adventure Central Newfoundland
Photo courtesy,Chris Crockwell, Adventure Central Newfoundland

The residents of Gander literally opened their homes to these people because they knew it was the right thing to do.  I call that Southern Hospitality. 

gander airport
Photo courtesy, Tom Cochrane, Adventure Central Newfoundland

Since no one knew anything about these passengers, they were all looked at in a different light, not knowing if they could be part of the terrorist groups.  But they weren’t.  They were simply people trying to get home or to their next destination.  They weren’t allowed to take their checked baggage, so things were needed.  Clothing, food, and even medicines.  But everyone rallied in Gander and got them taken care of. 

Why is it called Come From Away?

Come From Away is a wonderful musical production based on the accounts of these days.  Why is it called Come From Away?  Come From Away is what residents of New Foundland will call anyone not from there.

Photo courtesy, Tom Cochrane, Adventure Central Newfoundland
Photo courtesy, Tom Cochrane, Adventure Central Newfoundland

Gander International Airport & Museum

Known as “Crossroads of the World”, it was built in 1938, at one time it was the largest airport in the world.  It still operates as a refueling stop for many airlines with its strategic location.    The Great Circle Route over the Atlantic Ocean also played an important role during WW2.

You will find reminders of that time around the museum and airport.

Photo courtesy,Chris Crockwell, Adventure Central Newfoundland
Photo courtesy,Chris Crockwell, Adventure Central Newfoundland

Photo courtesy,Chris Crockwell, Adventure Central Newfoundland

Come From Away

The original production of Come From Away has closed on Broadway, but now touring all around North America, the UK, Ireland and Australia.  It’s exciting for it to be in Chattanooga this weekend at Memorial Auditorium.  It will be in Gander later this year as well.

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A Little Connection to Newfoundland

I have a little connection to Newfoundland.  We met a couple from St. John’s on a cruise several years ago and have remained friends, including cruising with them once since then.  We would love to visit there one of these days. 

Cal & Ruth live about three hours from Gander, but he remembers seeing so many of the planes overhead, waiting to be cleared to land somewhere in Canada.  Ruth was a school teacher at the time, and remembers someone coming to her door to let her know what was happening.

Where Were You On 9/11?

Almost anyone living on that day can tell you exactly where you were when the news broke of the first plane hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 am EST.   The world changed. 

Fun Fact

A fun fact about New Foundland – most of the area operates on a half-hour time difference than the rest of the world.  If it’s 10 here – it’s 10:30 there.  That was even a question – answer on Jeopardy one night.  And no contestant knew it – but I did.

Win 2 Tickets

Do you want to win two (2) tickets to Saturday’s night performance at 8:00 pm?  It’s easy – just leave a comment on this blog post.  Tell me anything you remember about 9/11 – have you ever visited New Foundland – why you would love to see this.

I will draw a name at 11:00 AM – EST on Friday, January 19 and post on my FaceBook page and update here on the blog.  I will message you on FaceBook, your name will not be published.  You MUST respond to my message within 2 hours or I will draw another name.  I have to notify the theater with the winner’s name.  The tickets will be available at Will Call at Memorial Auditorium.  Please provide an ID.

Any questions, let me know.  Who wants to win?

I’m very excited to see this musical production and learn more about Gander and what really happened the week of 9/11.

Please enter by leaving a comment so you can enjoy this as well.

Some photos courtesy of Come From Away Productions

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  1. Would love tickets! Heard such great things about what an uplifting show it is! I was driving to work when I heard the news of the terror attacks. At the time my son was only 2 and my immediate thought was he was about to be raised in a completely different America than I had known. So many things changed, not the least of which was our sense of security.

  2. I have as well heard it is a great show! I was only 2 when 9/11 happened so I learned everything about it in school.

  3. That sounds like an amazing story! I was at work on 9/11 and we all gathered into a small conference room and watched on a tiny black and white tv. I will never forget the shock and how quiet everything was that day.

  4. I was teaching, and we were made to stay at school until the closing bell. We had to teach the majority of the period then we could watch the news regarding the 911 Attacks if we so chose. We did . Like millions of us, I stood mortified at what I was seeing. It was unconceivable.

    However, during my planning period, I was alone and pacing the floor because my sister and brother-in-law were in Kiev, Ukraine adopting my nephew. I had no idea if this was a world-wide terrorist movement. I prayed and prayed for my family’s safety as I paced then the Holy Spirit touched my spirit and shared, “They are safer than you are, Haven”. I felt so much peace. It was the truth. My family was safe, and they made it home safely and soundly ten days later.

    1. So many human type stories like this. I remember a student at school had a sister living in the area of NYC. How sad to watch a young boy go through it.

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