Eat, Play, Love in Coastal Mississippi – The Secret Coast

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Have you heard of The Secret Coast?  You will learn to love Coastal Mississippi aka The Secret Coast after a visit like I did.  Maybe not the coast you think of when planning a beach trip, but you will soon learn it’s the coast to visit.  Eat, Play, Love in Coastal Mississippi – The Secret Coast for a wonderful getaway.  You will find the culture and history of Coastal Mississippi evolves around the seafood and maritime industry, quite different than the rest of the state. 



There are so many “must-sees” when it comes to traveling along the coast of Mississippi. No matter if you’re looking for a great place to eat, fun activities to do, or just explore and discover new things, there is a ton waiting for you to see in Coastal Mississippi. It truly is the secret coast!

One of our first stops was THE ANGEL TREES in Bay St. Louis.  These damaged trees from Hurricane Katrina were turned into works of art and inspiration from a chainsaw artist – yes, I said a chainsaw.

angel-trees-bay-st-louis-my-home-and-travels demontluzin ave survival tree
Angel Tree, Bay St. Louis


Eat, Play, Love in Coastal Mississippi – The Secret Coast

The months of February and March are a great time to plan a visit. There’s never a dull moment to be had! 

Celebrate Mardi Gras

The Mississippi coast has a ton of Mardi Gras fun! There are 12 different communities that come celebrate all the fun Mardi Gras happenings. Homes, stores, and attractions all over will be lit up in gold, purple, and green! 

To catch a Mardi Gras parade or two, all the listings and times/dates can be viewed here. (I highly recommend the Wonder Woman Krewe parade of some of the fun golf cart parades if you’re looking for something new and unique) or maybe one of the Dog Parades. Throw on a few beads and join in.

While you’re in the area, make sure you eat all the King Cake that you can! It’s all about sticking to Mardi Gras traditions! It’s possible to find a new place to eat a Mardi Gras cake every single day.   Also be on the lookout for a King Cake Martini or a pint of King Cake Ale. 

King Cake from Serious Bread Bakery

And if you love history as I do, plan a trip to the Coastal Mississippi Mardi Gras Museum. You’ll have a fun day exploring the history of how Mardi Gras has changed and evolved over the years. Visiting this museum with all the gowns and costumes, reminded me somewhat of visiting the TYLER TEXAS ROSE FESTIVAL MUSEUM.

secret-coast-of-coastal-mississippi-my-home-and-travels-mardi gras museum
Coastal Mardi Gras Museum


Places to eat in Coastal Mississipi

The area is booming with fresh seafood and seafood markets with also mean some of the most amazing seafood restaurants, too!  It’s hard to name the best, there are too many.  But a few suggestions you will want to try have that fresh Gulf-to-table experiences are Vestige and White Pillars are two that I highly recommend! 

One place to consider dining at is The Chimneys in Gulfport, voted as Mississippi’s Most Romantic Restaurant by Food & Wine Magazine.  Maybe you will be lucky as we were and enjoy the front porch on a winter day.  

The Chimney’s Restaurant

Maybe the most notable restaurant in the area with ties to the history or Mardi Gras is Mary Mahoney’s Old French House.  It’s a true feeling of southern tradition and great food. Although water levels and a couple of hurricanes almost destroyed it, everyone is thankful they came back.  You receive the same white tablecloth service at lunch as you will for dinner.

secret-coast-of-coastal-mississippi-my-home-and-travels-mary mahoney
Mary Mahoney’s Restaurant

How to catch your own seafood in Mississippi

Want to try your hand at catching some live fish and shrimp? Taking a Biloxi Shrimping Trip is an experience like none other! It’s the perfect way to be in the middle of the region’s maritime heritage.

You will find the freshest shrimp and oysters along the Gulf Coast as anywhere in the world.  Even to guess how many ways they can be prepared, is not even possible. 


Go for a Walk

There’s plenty of beach area to walk along on the Secret Coast, which is about 62 miles long.

Visit Bay St. Louis and Ocean Springs for a very artsy and walkable downtown area, plus enjoy shops and eateries with lots of local fare.


Where to Stay

secret-coast-of-coastal-mississippi-my-home-and-travels-bay town inn
Bay Town Inn

Plan a date night

Taking a Ship Island Excursion is a great way to catch a glimpse of dolphins! It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a pretty high chance. 

You can also take a stunning sunset boat ride on the Betsy Ann Riverboat. It’s one water ride that will give you an amazing view that you’ll never forget. 


Also, you’ll find one of the most romantic restaurants in Mississippi located here, too! 


Another way to play while on the coast, especially if feeling a bit lucky, visit one of the numerous casinos.

secret-coast-of-coastal-mississippi-my-home-and-travels-beau rivage
Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino


Do you need more ideas for visiting Mississippi?

Make sure to check out my Visit to Laurel, Mississippi Home of Home Town for even more Mississippi fun! 



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