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12 Cranberry Cocktails to Try this Fall

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Cranberry cocktails are seriously refreshing. I don’t know if it’s the flavor, the ease or just the knowing that I can create them without having to have a background as a bartender that makes them so awesome, but I’ve recently discovered just how much I love them and their taste.  Here’s 12 cranberry cocktails to try this fall.  Maybe find a favorite for next summer too.

Remember to always pin these ideas for later, especially since cranberries are pretty healthy for you.

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Fall weather brings out those certain cravings and wants. Some people like pumpkin, some prefer apples, but me? I love the taste of cranberry. It reminds me of Thanksgiving a bit, which then gets me excited for upcoming cranberry dishes! Can one ever have too many cranberry options? I think not.

One way to enjoy your cranberry cocktails? Take your drink with you out to your front porch and sit and view the beauty of nature. With the Fall leaves turning and the birds bright and colorful, know is the perfect time for a cocktail that you can relax and enjoy. 

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Shouldn’t every Fall day end with an amazing tasting cranberry cocktail? If you’re asking me…my answer is yes! Here are 12 simple and delicious Cranberry Cocktail recipes that you’re certain to love!


12 Cranberry Cocktails to Try this Fall

Jager and Cranberry Cocktail by Big Bear’s Wife

Cranberry Moonshine by It’s a Keeper

Cranberry Moscato Punch by The Taylor House

Apple Cranberry Mimosas by The Crumby Kitchen

Cranberry Comfort Punch by Nomageddeon

Cranberry Mint Cocktail by The Taylor House

Cranberry Moscow Mule by Blackberry Babe

Sparkly Cranberry Rum Cocktail by Fearless Dining

Rumberry Punch by Or Whatever You Do

Spiced Cranberry Cocktail by Tammilee Tips

Cranberry Rum Cocktail by Unexpected Elegance

Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail  by Cookin’ Canuck

12-Cranberry-Cocktails-to-Try-This-Fall-my-home-and-travels- mimosa



Whatever you do, give yourself a treat with one (or more!) or these cocktails. They are perfect to sip alone or share with friends as well. And when you find one that you love, “cheers”, my friend to you! 

Maybe you prefer the apple or apple cider drinks?  Here’s more to try.

14 Apple Cocktails for Fall



14 Apple Cider Cocktails To Make This Fall

apple cocktails for fall my home and travels for pinterest

I hope you take time to enjoy each season and the flavors for all.

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