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Spring is Here – Quick Centerpieces – Real or Faux?

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Aren’t you just itching to have some new flowers and color in your yard but here it is still just a bit early for planting most things.  According to the calendar it is now Spring, but the weather is all over the place.  Spring is Here – Quick Centerpieces – Real or Faux?  No green thumb needed for these.
This is plants last summer so I’m ready for some pretty back on my porch.
desk plants
I usually say around my husband’s birthday, April 21, is a safe date for planting outside.
Here’s three quick ideas which can be done last minute.cover collage notjustpaperandpaint.com
And, who says all flowers have to be real.  As I was wondering through Elders Ace Hardware I found Silk Daffodils and greenery which looked so real I knew it would make a great potted plant for my porch.
ace flowers notjustpaperandpaint.com
Most people think of silk or dried flowers as ugly or outdated, but you can now find them that are so realistic looking.  Did you know in most large arrangements in hotels and restaurants, there’s usually a mixture of real and artificial, and you can’t tell it from a distance.daffodils notjustpaperandpaint.comThese daffodils are just the case.  I loved placing them in the middle of this greenery which had yellow tips.  
I started off with a pot from a dollar store and painted it white with one of my favorite paints, Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover which is good for plastic too.pot paint notjustpaperandpaint.comFollow directions and paint a few coats and let dry thoroughly.  Remember to always paint a few inches in the inside just in case it’s going to show.
Maybe this is when my hoarding pays off  with having styrofoam pieces around.  Since this will be setting on my porch, it needed to be weighted down.  
About an inch of stones, then styrofoam pieces, then filled almost all the way to the top with more stones (which can just be picked up outside if you don’t have these decorative ones).styrofoam notjustpaperandpaint.com
rocks notjustpaperandpaint.com
The styrofoam and rocks keep the stems in place while arranging them.add rocks notjustpaperandpaint.comAfter you are happy with the arrangement, moss can be placed over the rocks for a finished look.moss notjustpaperandpaint.com
The stand was another $1 purchase.  Now let’s use it on the deck for morning coffee.
daffodil pot named  notjustpaperandpaint.com
For another super quick Spring/Easter arrangement, consider using pansies.  They are still available at Elder Ace Hardware in a variety of colors.  I love shopping here as they can always suggest plants for the areas I’m trying to plant in.  pansies ace
Seems like a color theme of purple and yellow was falling into place, without really planning.  It’s kind of working with what’s available.
Along with some pansies and Creeping Jenny, I planted these along the edges of a galvanized watering can which I had on hand.  You know me – use what you have.  Always use a good potting soil such as Miracle-Gro for any container.  You know there is a difference in dirt and soil.pansy post notjustpaperandpaint.com
This was going to be used as a centerpiece on the serving table, I wanted to “Easterfy” it a bit.  
Adding a candle (remember it should be unscented when around food) and yellow dyed eggs, it’s now a perfect centerpiece for Easter.pansy with eggs named  notjustpaperandpaint.com
Pansies need sun and cooler weather, so it’s not a great inside plant.  I would make this just a day or two before you need it.  Or if you have a place to leave it, such as on your deck, it will be fine.  Just add candle and eggs at last minute.  These can then be planted outside and should last about another month or two before it gets too hot.
As with any plant, drainage is needed.  Any container such as this should be placed on a plate to keep your table safe.
Now for the most super simple, quick idea.  I first thought this was Lavender, but loved the color so I chose this Monrovia Salvia.  sage monrovia notjustpaperandpaint.com
For this quick project, it was basically removing the plant from the plastic pot, checking the roots, and planting it into a yellow watering can.  This fit just right that no extra potting soil was needed.sage in can named notjustpaperandpaint.com
This again was using just as a table decoration and will be planted into a larger container so I wasn’t worried about a bigger pot for this.
For a few more container ideas, including herbs, here’s mine from last year.
bunny painted named chocolate notjustpaperandpaint.com
coffee & tea eggs named notjustpaperandpaint.com
 From my home to yours – HAPPY EASTER.

Sharing is caring!

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