Nashville Symphony ShowHouse – Sneak Peak

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As a blogger, I get opportunities to attend events which aren’t open to the public yet or see behind the scenes.  I got an exclusive invite to a sneak preview of the Nashville Symphony ShowHouse recently.  I have to thank Nancy McNulty and Dana Tucker of Forest Home Media for this invitation.  

Not only did I get to tour the gorgeous house, but I also met the teams behind it, including the home builders, architects and interior designers.  Being designed by Wade Weissmann Architecture and built by Castle Homes, not only great ideas for the house itself, but how to make it a home.

To visit a showhouse such as this, not only does your $15 admission benefit the Nashville Symphony, but you can gain so many ideas to incorporate into your own home.  Interior designers such as Mark Simmons, Julie Couch, and Roxanne Jackson have fabulous teams working with them.

Plus there was a Garden Party featuring food and flowers.  You will see details from this very soon.

It is open for a few more days for you to visit.

cover shotUpon entering you notice all the whites and neutrals used with just a few pops of color.  The dark wood floor with antique rugs were good anchors for all of this light and airy feeling.


Almost anytime I tour a home, my first stop is the kitchen.  If I could have brought any item from this ShowHouse home with me, it would have been the kitchen island/table.  


Not only was it massive, but it was so beautiful in the soft grays of weathered look wood.  It made me want to come home and refinish my dining room table.  That thought is still in me.

island closeup

Although this home is over 5,500 square feet, being so open, it still felt like a cozy, traditional Southern home.

The dining room table, another favorite, was actually made of flooring from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.  Notice the detailing in the chairs – first they don’t have to match, then with all the soft neutrals of the house, there’s a little bit of menswear inspired look in the chairs.  Not only in this room, but throughout the house you find mixed metal finishes.

dining room

I love how open the dining room table is to the kitchen, but you still feel like you have a separate dining room.  

dining room large

The use of mirrors throughout the home is wonderful, some are aged looking, antiques, or brand new, but they all work together.  This is something I have tried adding more into my own home.  Not only does it help to reflect light and make rooms appear bigger, but if you place your flowers or plants in front of them, with the wonderful reflection, you get double the flower power. 

This mirror appeared to be aged and was used in the kitchen.  I could see these bottles filled with great olive oils and balsamic vinegar.  Notice the reflection of the lovely peonies.  This setting could just as well be used in a bathroom filled with bath oils and lotions. 

kitchen miror

Right off the kitchen was the laundry room.  The table  made with recycled wood was just lovely.  It might even make folding towels more enjoyable.  Also notice the hint of music in the room.

Did you notice the ottoman tucked under the cabinet?  This is done in many areas of the home to add the extra seating you might need.


Here’s another example of ottomans being used.  This was making use of the area between the master bedroom and bath.  So many times these areas are overlooked.


When you want to bring notice to the tall, planked ceilings, above the armoire’ is a great place to add some color into the room.  

master armoire

Who can say just spectacular?  This had to be the featured lighting of the whole house – against the planked ceiling was a true masterpiece.  I could imagine these bubbles over a bathtub too.

bubble chandelier

Now onto one of the most beautiful master bathrooms.  Who wouldn’t enjoy soaking in the tub with all the sunshine? 


There was a home office/study area tucked into a nook right off the entry.  The chandelier was such a great choice in this entry, simple enough to not take away from the area, but big enough to make a statement and welcome you into the home.


The landing area as you got to the top of the stairs was a room in itself with lots of features.  One of the more unusual chandeliers was covered in feathers.  Love it.  Where could I use one of these?

feather chandelier

How about this turquoise pillow as a pop of color?  Bringing in more feathers!

feather pillow

What about this mirror?  Simply stunning.  It almost appeared to have watermarks behind it.

landing mirror

A display case in the bedroom – with records?  Of course, you are in Music City after all.  After thinking how genius of an idea it was, my next thought would be how my husband (a record collector) would love to look through these.  

music case

I wish I had the history of the side tables but my thought too was this was an idea which most anyone could do a version of themselves.  Tucking the side tables and headboard into the alcove, opens up your floor area even more.    

side table

Now before we head outside, here’s a few more of the flower arrangements, including succulents, throughout the home.  Who can have a party in the South without fresh flowers?

flower collage

This home’s outside was designed for entertaining.  A seating area on the covered porch was draped to keep out the summer sun or even a bit of rain.

covered porch

Another area flanked by a fireplace with a built in area for your wood, would be a perfect place to enjoy those first few chilly evenings in the fall.  The gravel was such a wise decision to cut down on maintenance.

outside seating

outside seating fireplace

Everything in this house was symetrical, including the back entrance to the master bedroom.  I want those planters.  The fountain placed in a gravel area adds to the tranquility of the back porch area.

back entry

Here’s just a hint to the garden party.


tent area

If you want to visit this fabulous home, you have a little more time.  Located off Hillsboro Pike, between Nashville and Franklin, an easy drive from most areas.  You can purchase your tickets online.  


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  1. Hey Rosemary, great tour of the Nashville Symphony House. Are you going to Haven this year? I would love to connect with you? I am moving to Nashville soon and would love to get to know fellow TN bloggers!

  2. This house looks charming and modern at the same time. I took the kids to look at model homes today and one of the homes was 3500 sq feet – we couldn’t believe how much space that was…. so I can only imagine over 5,000 sq feet. Every 200 sq feet makes a big difference in the space too. Now in CA you don’t get anywhere near the size of back yard. If I’m ever in Nashville I’ll want to get a look at this place!

  3. What a GORGOUES house! That master bathroom is amazing. I’ve toured a few historical houses before but never anything quite this lovely <3

  4. Every selection is great. When I got to the cozy place to relax on a chilly evening though, I was sold. I’d love to have that area to retreat to in my home.

  5. It is so hard for me to narrow down what I love most–this showhouse was gorgeous! I think the chandelier is such a show stopper…as well as the art. Can I move in?!?

  6. OMG this house is just all sorts of fabulous!!! Can this be my house?!?! Please 😉 omg love!!!

  7. What a beautiful house. Every little detail seems well thought out and prepared. I adore the bubble type light fixture. It is incredible.

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous home! I can’t get over all the light fixtures. It seemed like in every room they were unique and eye-catching!

  9. Absolutely beautiful, when I see photos like this I am reminded that I lack that creative interior design eye. LOL Such a great attention to detail!

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