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Farmhouse Fall Decorations

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Maybe you are like me and have been a little slack on Fall Decorating but getting ready for Thanksgiving, so here’s some Farmhouse Fall Decorations In Time for Thanksgiving.   The next time you’re scratching your head and wondering how and what to use to decorate, these great options will help get you out of that rut!

If you are also into the Farmhouse style for Christmas, many of these ideas can be adapted by replacing the pumpkins with a few mini 

Decorating for fall is always a lot of fun. It’s a time full of pumpkins, plaid, and anything and everything farmhouse that you can find. And if you’re needing a few farmhouse decor ideas, you’re not going to want to miss out on these great finds!

Maybe you are all finished with Fall and even started your Christmas decorating, just save to Pinterest for next year.  The wooden beads shown on the pumpkin have been popular for quite a while now.  What about these in a bowl of ornaments?

Farmhouse Fall Decorations

You might just find that all of these farmhouse decorations go perfectly with your fall decor vision! 

Corrugated Metal Pumpkins by Mad in Crafts

Buffalo Plaid Fall Wreath by Lovely Etc

Bandana Pumpkins by One Mile Homestyle

Farmhouse Fall Vignette by Grandma’s House DIY

Glam Centerpiece by Lydi Out Loud

Shabby Farmhouse Sign by DIY Beautify

Farmhouse Fall Hoop Wreath by Craftaholics Anonymous

DIY Vintage Style Farmhouse Baskets by Giggles Galore

Fall Farmhouse Crate by Cherished Bliss

Pumpkin Bucket by A Night Owl

DIY Fall Pillow by Oh My Creative

Gather Wreath by Tatertots and Jello

Decorative Farmhouse Pumpkins by Lydi Out Loud

As you can see from these decorative farmhouse fall decor ideas, decorating doesn’t have to be overly elaborate or hard! In fact, even if you add just a few of these items throughout your home, you can be certain that you’ll be well-decorated for the upcoming fall months.

Don’t stress out over searching for various fall decor items…instead, use these great ideas instead. With so much variety, you’re certain to find something that you love. Make one or make them all, but have fun decorating your home with these simple farmhouse decor items. 

Do you have a favorite farmhouse fall decor item from the list above? 

If you like a lot of these ideas, check out a recent round up of Buffalo Check for Fall – I’m doing some of these and taking it right into my Christmas.  The red and black Buffalo check can be taken into the new year for your “winter” decor.  Again, remember to “PIN” this.

What’s your favorite colors to use for the fall?  Or Christmas?  Traditional or trendy?



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