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Conversation Heart Treats Not Just For Valentine’s Day

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What’s the first thing you think of when you see this candy – Conversation Hearts?  I think about exchanging valentines back in grade school and getting a few of these boxes as a treat.  But think about these Conversation Heart Treats for any time, Not Just For Valentine’s Day in a more dessert or adult version.


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Many of these treats can be made for throughout the year, maybe as just a “I Love You” or “Just Because”.  Those are the best kind of surprises.

With Valentine’s Day literally right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about fun treats that you can make to celebrate the day! I don’t know about you, but I literally love this holiday.

It’s full of love, friendship, romance…and treats! Who could deny all the pink and red desserts just waiting to be devoured? If my husband knows the way to my heart, it’s through great food and dessert options! 

Sweet Conversation Heart Treats

Conversation Heart Cakes by Hungry Happenings

conversation-heart-treats-valentines-day-my-home-and-travels mini cakes
Teddy Bear Cookies with Conversation Heart Messages by Hello Wonderful

conversation-heart-treats-valentines-day-my-home-and-travels teddy bears

Conversation Heart  Fudge by Hungry Happenings

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies by Garnish and Glaze

Conversation Heart Bundt Cake by Mama Loves Food

conversation-heart-treats-valentines-day-my-home-and-travels bundt cake

Conversation Heart Cupcakes by Craft Create Cook

Quick Conversation Heart Cakes by Big Bear’s Wife

Conversation Heart Ice Cream by Nerdy Mama

conversation-heart-treats-valentines-day-my-home-and-travels ice cream

Conversation Heart Brownies by Parscaeli

Conversation Heart Parfaits by Giggles Galore

Rice Krispie Treat Conversation Hearts by Nellie Bellie

conversation-heart-treats-valentines-day-my-home-and-travels rice krispie

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies by Duct Tape and Denim

Conversation Heart Treats Not Just For Valentine’s Day – So make them year round.  

And there you have it. With these delicious cookies and cupcake sweet treat recipes, it’s certain to be the best Valentine’s Day ever! 

Take your time and work through these recipes one at a time. They are seriously so delicious and fun that you need to taste test and bake them all.


Let me know which was your favorite – if that’s possible. 


Do you need a few more dessert or Valentine’s Day ideas?  Search Valentine’s Day on the blog for even more.  

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