Aren’t you going to be bored?

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I was recently asked this question when I had announced that I was leaving my part-time job at the radio station.  There are other avenues of business, blogging, and home I want to pursue and make more of a priority.  Being bored isn’t anything I have to worry about.  I even remember getting asked this question when I quit working full-time when my son was 2 years old.  So, not then, and not now am I worried about it.  If you could see my list of things to do even just today, you know I can always find something to do.


In the next three days I have a deadline for a recipe challenge, a TV appearance project, a few orders for banners and windows, plus finishing my project for an upcoming magazine article.  When these are done, or even before, there will be more added to that list.


How do you keep track of things?  I’m still old school when it comes to calendars and lists, I like paper ones so I can see a full week or month at a time.  I do have a few things on my I-phone, but paper works best for me.  As I am having more deadlines, projects, and events, I’m finding that planning is a must.  Maybe I need a full size chalkboard wall calendar for this.   What’s your secret to staying organized and on top of things?


You will be seeing some updating to my blog and blog posts, but nothing too major where you won’t recognize.  Join me on this, another journey we all take day to day that we call LIFE.

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Bored? Maybe they’re just people who need other people to structure their day! Man I wish I could do what you are doing right now! One of these days I will 🙂 I use just about everything I can think of to try to stay organized…. and that word is essential “TRY” – google calendar, email, texting myself, and paper lists are all used!

    1. I don’t think I ever remember being bored. Today’s my last day – I will miss the station and people, but I so enjoy being at home. See ya next month, or maybe at the end of this one.

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