A New Year Is Here – What Does It Mean To You?

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What does it mean to you?2016 is here
It’s a clean slate, 366 days of a blank book, start new – that’s just a few of the cliches’ you may hear about a new year.
All of those can work but then you may start to think about important dates this coming year.  Is there a wedding, a new baby coming, something on your bucket list that will be done (or maybe make a bucket list), be happier, lose weight, get organized, be a better person, pray more, the list is endless.
It’s also a time to look back – did something happen to change your life, a new person come into it, you you let go of someone.  What’s your regrets, highlights, or big changes which occurred?  Maybe a death in the family – I’ve now lost both parents.  
I’m a firm believer in goals, not making a resolution for things.  Is there a difference?  Yes, I think so.  If you write down a goal it gives you something to work toward, and usually the steps you need to accomplish that goal.
A resolution unless it is worked on as a goal should be, is just a shot in the dark.  I heard a statistic that only 8% of resolutions are kept.  
As with anything, baby steps.  To think about the goals I have, it takes work and is ever changing.  
What’s on my list:
  • finish my kitchen makeover – a never ending project.
  • travel more – maybe even to see Chip & Joanna.
  • blogging – learn more of the technical side and how to make it better, not just bigger.
  • be a better person – I know I need to volunteer so now to find the place that fits me.  
  • eat healthier, yes lots of us could lose a few pounds, but as I’m getting older, I am more concerned with health. 
  • get organized – OK – I said it.  With the move last year I still have boxes packed with non-essential items.  They have to go.  I want to be able to enjoy the things I have.
  • scrapbook – whether it’s traditional or switching over to digital, I want to do this.  It’s something I enjoy.
  • sewing – my first craft love, and I want to get back into this.  
  • get involved – this can go back to the volunteering, but be more involved in church and the community.
Does this sound much different that your list?  
Now let’s get this written down along with a plan to make this happen.
And just think – it’s leap year so you have a whole extra day this year.
I will come back here on January 1, 2017 and let you know how it went.
So raising my glass – well, actually a cup of coffee, to you this morning.  Make it a great year, but start off by making it a great day.
I would like to thank any and all who has become my friend through this blog or facebook.  So many amazing people in this world.  Thanks for being a part of mine.


Sharing is caring!

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