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24 Things to Declutter in 2024

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Can you find 24 Things to Declutter in 2024?  I bet most of us can (hand raised here).  With downsizing from a house to an apartment a few years ago, I have done a lot, but I had a lot, and still have a lot.  But, finally figuring out what I really like to use and what works, helps in the tossing and decluttering. 

With that too, the style of my decorating has changed a bit, so it’s easy to get rid of things.  My style is becoming less is more.  Less to store, less to sort through, and less to clean. 

Have I got rid of something I regretted?  Yes, but not too many.  That set of snowman dishes and a set of green dishes are probably two of my biggest regrets.  I have vowed to not get rid of any dishes in the future.

24 things to declutter in 2024 my home and travels pinterest image


Christmas time is a perfect time to start with all the new items being brought into the home, think about what you can do away with to jump on the decluttering bandwagon.

Get Started Now

Don’t wait til 2024 to get started.  Think about as you are decorating for Christmas, or taking the décor down, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you really like this?
  • Will you use it again next year?
  • Did the lights go out – or part of them?
  • Is it broken?

If you answer yes to any of these, maybe it’s time to trash or donate it.  Maybe a family member or friend would like it. 


Declutter or Organizing?

Most think of decluttering and organizing as the same.  It’s not.  Before you can really begin to organize anything, whether it’s a drawer, your closet, or a kitchen cabinet, you must know what you are keeping to best organize it. 

Decluttering isn’t just making any area Pinterest worthy; it’s getting rid of all that small stuff that creates clutter or mess.  That small stuff could include receipts, extra bags from shopping, mail, outdated or expired food and medicines, or even too many shoes stacked by the door.

Where to Start?

Start small – don’t think you will get your whole house, or even a room, decluttered or organized in a few hours, or maybe a day.  It took a while for all that clutter to build up, so it will take a while to get it gone.

A simple way to begin – grab a trash bag.  If you have a black one, use it so you can’t see what you have tossed, and you won’t second guess yourself.

Walk through the house – grab anything which looks like it can be tossed.  If you can quickly say – that’s no good, then toss it in the bag.  You may also want to have a designated box for things to donate and to move to another area. 

How many things did you put in the donation box or trash bag?  I bet you would be surprised how quickly you find things. 

Remember too, decluttering is an ongoing project.  Even if you are organized, you can still create clutter.  I have a stack of receipts from Christmas which need to be looked at. 


Find 24 Things to Declutter in 2024

Now let’s think about those 24 Things to Declutter in 2024

And remember, this is to trash or donate. Decluttering might even be finding a new home for something so you can find it.

  • Old magazines
  • Expired medicine
  • Clothing – Torn – can it be repaired or is it time to trash?
  • Clothing – not wearing, or doesn’t fit – donate it
  • Duplicates – do you have 5 sets of measuring cups? Do you really need all of them?
  • Old electronic cords – do you still have a cord from a phone 10 years ago?  Too many extension cords?

24 things to declutter in 2024 my home and travels

  • Old eyewear – donate
  • Broken jewelry
  • Extra assembly pieces – you kept that Allen wrench from Ikea, didn’t you?
  • Old makeup

24 things to declutter in 2024 my home and travels makeup

  • Old craft projects and paint – if you didn’t finish it 2 years ago, you probably won’t
  • Hats & caps – how many do you wear?
  • Mismatched items – socks and gloves to begin with
  • Cleaning supplies – did you buy something and not like it?
  • Kitchen utensils – that lemon squeezer or reamer just doesn’t work, or you don’t like it

24 things to declutter in 2024 my home and travels reamer

  • Old manuals – you may not have that vacuum anymore, or you can find the information online
  • Books – this can be touchy. If you enjoy having them, keep.  If not, donate or take to a used bookstore and trade them in.
  • Office supplies – I cleaned out a drawer and had so many pens and labels
  • Greeting cards – you don’t have to keep every one of them you’ve ever received
  • Old tax returns – most can be tossed (shredded) after 5 years. Check state and federal laws for specific time
  • Blankets and throws – it’s easy to collect these, but have too many? Great to donate to pet or homeless shelters.
  • Food items – do you have something you bought and now don’t want? If not expired, send to the food bank
  • Hobby, DIY, and craft items – oh my!! Ask yourself, are you really going to use that wood piece you purchased 3 years ago?

24 things to declutter in 2024 my home and travels diy tools

  • Towels – maybe it’s time to replace what you have. Donate old ones to pet shelters.

I Might Need That

What to do with these items?  

I hear many say they have a time will tell bins or will it be used bins.  These are where you place things that I call more “I might need that” items.  Put these items in a bin with a date to check.  Three months – six months, a time you set to work for you.  At that time, if you haven’t wanted it, it’s a good indication you can donate it.

To Sell or Not To Sell

Do you ever sell items?  It must be a bigger ticket item to me to deal with selling it.  I spent all day one Saturday selling a $20 bookshelf.  It was more of a hassle than worth it.

Many of these items can be donated to schools, senior centers, or organizations for craft projects. 

Many of these I’m saying and it’s like looking in a mirror.

Let me know what you have decluttered so far this year?  Do you make a resolution to get more organized? 

One of my favorite projects I have used in several areas is covering wire shelves.  I’m not a fan of them.


Need an inspiration idea to organize your bathroom closet after you declutter?  COVER UP THOSE UGLY WIRE SHELVES

coverf up wire shelves my home and travels

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  1. Since we’re now retired, I’ve been on a declutter mission. Thankfully, I’m not a pack rat. My husband could be, but I’ve tried over the years to keep him in control! I do not want my family having to go through tons of useless stuff when we’re gone. I have pretty well gotten everything slimmed down to necessities that we use. My big project for this winter is to go through the boxes of photos I’ve amassed over almost 50 years of marriage. My plan is to go through them and box them up according to who will be getting them. My daughter’s pics, and each grandchild. They will then get their boxes. I’ll most likely keep my parents old albums for now. In the Spring…our garage…which will be my husband’s project under my supervision!

    1. Many times as I’m looking at boxes of old things, I think my son wouldn’t know what it was and I don’t want him having to spend time or money dealing with it. It is easy to let things pile up – I’ll do it later. Now is later.

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